What is another word for flail?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is another word for flail?
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What is the other word for mace?

Flail or club

What is a sentence for flail.?

Pirates would use a cat of nine tails to flail a prisoner.The Aztecs used a flail to thresh corn.A person that can not swim will flail their arms rather than relax and float.

Is there an antonym for the word flail?

pet, caress, stroke

What is a word meaning 'move wildly' starting with the letter F?

The word is flail.

What was the flail made out of?

The flail was mainly made of metal.

Who invented the medieval flail?

The Medieval Flail was invented by a human

What does it mean when someone is said to 'flail'?

The word "flail" is often used in phrases such as "he was flailing his arms about". The term describes random wide movements of the limbs. A second meaning of "flail" is a type of tool used in the manual threshing of grain, and in the action of using this tool one would be said to be "flailing".

On Runscape can flail dust be made into Ivandis flail again?

Unfortunately, no. Flail dust is completely without purpose, and serves only to inform the player that their Ivandis Flail has completely discharged. It cannot be recovered through any use of the dust. You will need to reconstruct the flail from the beginning. Sorry!

How tall is Joshua Flail?

Joshua Flail is 6' 3 1/2".

Would you please make a sentence using 'flail'?

You won't cross the pond very quickly if you continue to flail about like that. A flail is an implement for threshing grain.

Where do you find the TM flail in Pokemon pearl?

There isn't a tm for the move flail in Pearl.

What is a crook and a flail?