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The word fluent is an adjective. Some synonyms for fluent are eloquent, loquacious, smooth-spoken, verbose, and well-versed. Some antonyms for fluent are inarticulate, hesitant, and tongue-tied.

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Is fluent an adverb?

No, the word fluent is not an adverb.The word fluent is an adjective.

What word means fluent but insincere?

The word 'glib' means fluent but insincere.

Another word for Proficient?

it can mean fluent.Sentance: Denise Jonas is proficient in sign language.

What is a sentence using the word fluent?

Martha spoke fluent french.

What is another word for flowing?

flow, fluent, fluid, graceful, liquid, moving, running, smooth, streaming

What is the adverb for fluent?

The adverb form of the word fluent is fluently.A example sentence is:He spoke French fluently.

What type of noun is fluently?

The word 'fluently' is not a noun. The word 'fluently' is the adverb form of the adjective 'fluent'.The noun form of the adjective 'fluent' is fluency.

What is an example of a sentence with the word fluent?

She was less than fluent in her verbal skills when she lost her temper or became frustrated .

Is the word fluent a common noun?

No, it's an adverb.

Can you give me a sentence for the word fluent?

"He spoke English, French, and Spanish fluently." "He is more fluent in German than Swedish."

What is one word for fluent in two languages?

Being bilingual means you are fluent in two languages. The prefix bi- meaning two.

Define the word voluble?

(adj.) - talkative; fluent in speech

Can you give me a sentence with the word sufficiently?

she was sufficiently fluent in Mandarin

What is a sentence for fluent?

He was fluent in German.I am not so fluent in Japanese.

What does the word articulate mean?

Articulate means to speak very well and fluent

Is the word yoruichi Japanese?

My Japanese student (fluent speaker) doesn't know it.

What is a word for someone who describes things well?

Eloquent, fluent, articulate, expressive.

Is there a prefix for fluent?

You could add the prefix af- to it to make the word affluent.

Can a sentence be fluent?

Yes it can.Ex. "She speaks in fluent sentences." "His sentences are fluent."Fluent Adj.1.a. Able to express oneself accurately and effortlessly: a fluent speaker; fluent in two languages.b. Effortlessly flowing and smooth; polished: spoke fluent Italian; gave a fluent performance.2. Flowing or moving smoothly; graceful: a dance with long, fluent curves.3. Graceful in motion or shape: the fluent body of a dancer.(From Latin; fluens flowing)

When living in another country is not an option what is the best way to become fluent in Arabic in 5 years?

When living in another country is not an option the best way to become fluent in Arabic in 5 years is to enroll in an Arabic course online or in school.

What is the superlative form of fluent?

the most fluent

What part of speech is fluent?

Fluent is an adjective.

What fluent talker means?

fluent talker

How do you write a sentence using the word voluble?

He is a voluble speaker. (It means glib or fluent).

Are you fluent Arabic language?

I am not personally fluent in Arabic. Although, I'm sure there are many people who are. I wish I could fluently speak another language, seeing as the only language I know is English.