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assumption, theory, basis, belief, axiom, explanation, demonstration, guess, layout, plan, philosophy, speculation, supposition, surmise

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Another word for hypothesis?


Another word for hypothesis is?


What is another word for predictions?


Another word for educated guess?


Another word for predicting the future?


Another word for guess?

hypothesis or a type of speculation

What is another word for guess besides hypothesis?


What is another word that means the same as theory?

Hypothesis may be the word you are looking for.

What is another word for an unconfirmed story?

rumor speculation hypothesis

What are synonyms of hypothesis?

Another word for 'hypothesis' is an educated guess, which is essentially what a hypothesis is. It is a guess taked from what you assume will happen, given your current knowlege.

What is another word for guess?

An alternative word for guess would be hypothesis if you want to get formal.

What two things must a hypothesis be?

It is necessary for a hypothesis to have two things, the words IF and THEN. Another word can be added, BECAUSE. A successful hypothesis has to have all three.

What is a hypothesis to prove that eating garlic prevents colds?

What a silly question! Look up the word 'hypothesis' and then ask it another way.

What is another word for educated guess in science?

An educated guess is simply a hypothesis!

What is the Latin word of hypothesis?

The Latin word for Hypothesis is Positum.

What is one word for an educated guess?

The word hypothesis is another word for an educated guess.Similar terms include theory and speculation.

What is your next step if your data doesn't support your hypothesis?

Propose another hypothesis; the hypothesis is revised and another experiment is conducted.

What is the root word of hypothesis?

the root word of hypothesis is hypo

What is the plural of hypothesis?

The plural word for hypothesis is hypotheses.

What do scientist do when a hypothesis is not supported by an experiment?

Scientists then state another hypothesis and test it out with another experiment.

What is a word for an educated guess?

An estimate is one, particularly when there are facts or figures. Another word would be a hypothesis, and it is used more in a scientific context.

If the data doesn't support your hypothesis what should you do?

Regroup and propose another theory Propose another hypothesis

How can you put the word hypothesis in a sentence?

What is the hypothesis of a science question

Is a hypothesis the phrase immediately following the word then is called the hypothesis of a statement?

OK, need to re-word that a bit due to restrictions on asking a question on this site. If only we could use commas and other characters."Is a hypothesis, the phrase immediately following the word 'then', called the hypothesis of a statement?"No, the phrase immediately following the word "then" is the conclusion. They hypothesis is the phrase following the word "if".However, answering the rest of the question, the hypothesis would be called the hypothesis of a statement.

How do you use the word hypothesis in a sentence?

hypothesis was already published. Einstein never liked this hypothesis .