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stamp, write, and inking.

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Q: What is another word for interpret print?
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What is another word for comperhend?

another word for comprehend is understand or even interpret!! :)hope this helped!!

What is another name for a blue print?

Another word for a blue print you might be familiar with is plans. Simply plans.

Where is the stress in the word interpret?

The stress in the word "interpret" falls on the second syllable, which is "pre."

What is current publication?

I believe that you would interpret this as a publication that is 'in print'.

How do you print from word to PowerPoint?

You can print from Word or print from PowerPoint. You cannot print from word to PowerPoint.

What is a sentence with the word interpret?

I can interpret the meaning of this poem.

What is the present tense of the word interpret?

Interpret, or Interprets.

Do you have to print a vehicle code exactly word for word on a contract when selling a used car in California?

What is another word for car?

How do you put the word interpret in a sentence?

Thomas will interpret the clues.

What do you call the opposite of cursive writing?

Another word for cursive writing is script.

What are some antonyms for interpret?

Some Antonyms for the word interpret are misinterpret and misunderstand.

What is the root word of the word interpret?

it is inter