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What is another word for mutiny?

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Strike, usually used when sailors overthrow the authority of their captain.

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What does the word mutiny mean?

A mutiny is rebellion.

Another word for revolution?

Uprising, mutiny, coup d'etat, revolt, rebellion, gyration, lap, turning, pirouette...

What part of speech for mutiny?

The word mutiny is a singular noun. The plural form is mutinies.

How do you make a sentence using the word mutiny?

The crew has been muttering about mutiny, sir.

What is a synonym for the word mutiny?


What are the origins of the word mutiny?


What is the plural of the word mutiny?


How do you use the word mutiny in a sentence for kids?

When I suggested that we take a break for ice cream, the professor jokingly accused me of instigating a mutiny.

How do you use the word mutiny in a sentence?

Aboard the ship, the crew planned a mutiny against the captain.

A theathrus to tell you three words that will describe the word mutiny?

Thesaurus words for mutiny are:As a verb, mutiny means to rebel, revolt, riot, or rise.As a noun, mutiny means an insurrection, a rebellion, a revolt, an uprising, a riot, or sedition.

What is a word for Piratical Grumble?

Mutiny! Lol. :D

What is a mutiny on a ship?

Mutiny on a ship is when the slaves took over the ship by probably killing the crew. They were then free unless another ship found them.

What 6 letter word means to rebel against your leader?


What is the word for sailors overthrowing their captain and taking over the ship?


What is the word for rebellion by a shipes crew?

When the ship's crew rebells it is called a mutiny.

What is a sentence using the word mutiny?

Many of the crew did not like the way the captain was running things and decided to mutiny. (verb)After the mutiny, Henry Hudson, his son, and some of his crew were set adrift in a small boat, and were never seen again. (noun)

What sentence has the word mutinous?

In the movie the Caine Mutiny the crew on the ship had been mutinous when they lock the Captain in his cabin. The Military Attorneys determined the Captain was correct and the crew had committed mutiny.

How do you spell minnty?

The likely word is minty (smelling or tasting of mint).A word similar in spelling is mutiny, which is the takeover of a ship by its crew.

What is a sentence using the word 'discontentment'?

Discontentment amongst the crew finally ended in mutiny.

Who won the Indian mutiny?

france won the indian mutiny.

What is it called when a crew takes over a ship?

mutiny mutiny

Was there any mutiny on the first fleet?

No. There was no mutiny on the first fleet.

What is the past tense of mutiny-?

The past tense of mutiny is mutined

What were the results of the Sepoy Mutiny?

the result of the sepoy Mutiny was rebelion from the people.

Who was the author of the caine mutiny?

Herman Wouk wrote The Caine Mutiny.