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Q: What is another word for royal?
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Related questions

What is another word for royal decree?

another word for royal decree

What is another word for a royal colony?

another word for colony.... is ......?????

What color is royal?

Royal is a descriptive word most commonly associated with purple. It is also used to describe the word blue. The association with purple came about because the colour was difficult and expensive to achieve. Blue is another colour difficult to get by using natural dyes, and so was reserved for the use of persons of royal blood.

Another color word for blue?

aquamarine, indigo, midnight, navy, royal, sapphire, shy, steel blue, turquoise

How do you say the word royal in Chinese?


How do you say royal in dutch?

koninklijk is the word for royal in dutch. This is the word which can be said for very precious.

Is there a band wih the word royal?

Royal Hunt

What is another name for a royal colony?

Virginia was a royal colony

What word describes the relationship between lords and vassals?


What is the Hebrew word for royale?

Royale is the french word for Royal. The Hebrew word for Royal is malchuti (מלכותי)

What is French word for royal love?

"un amour royal" would be the translation for royal love.

What is the Latin word for royal?

"Regius" means "royal" in Latin.

How do you say royal in Russian?

Королевский is the Russian word for royal.

What is the best nouns for royal?

The word 'royal' is a noun as an informal word for a member of a monarch's family. The noun forms for the adjective 'royal' are royalist and royalty.

Is royal a noun?

The word royal is sometimes a noun, for example: He's a royal, the nephew of the prince. Royal can also be an adjective, as in 'royal family' or 'royal decree'.

What is another word for palace?

Some possibilities: royal residence Hall Manor Mansion With the exception of royal residence, none of these is an exact match with palace.

What is a six-letter word for 'royal persons'?

Kingly is a six-letter word for royal persons. It is defined as being associated with or typical of a king.

What is the Hebrew word for royal love?

royal love = ahavá malchutít (אהבה מלכותית)

Can you give me a sentence for the word royal?

many people of royal family came to my house

Is royal an adjective?

The word royal, meaning "of or relating to royalty" is an adjective.Yes it is.

Do a royal flush beat a straight flush in poker?

yes! hence the word "ROYAL"

What is the greek word for royal?

The English word royal has two versions when written with the Greek alphabet. However, when written with the English alphabet it translates as "vasilikos".

How do you use the word royal in a sentence with a past tense verb in it?

I think that that royal winked at you. The Royal Flush won that hand.

What dose real mean in the football team name real Madrid?

The word Real means Royal, or royal Madrid, Royal Betis.

What is french word of regal?