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Q: What is another word for scientist?
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What is another word for entomologist?


What is another word for meteorologist?


What is another word for a scientist's mistake?


What is another kid word for scientist?

Tester. Researcher.

What is another word for plant scientist?

plantologist :)

What is another word for mistake when a scientist mess up on an experiment?

An infraction

Is a scientist an adverb?

A scientist is not an adverb. The word "scientist" is a noun.

How do you spell scientist?

That is the correct spelling of the word "scientists".

How do you write the word scientist in a possessive form?


Is scientist a plural word?

no . . . . . . plural for scientist is scientists.

Another word for geologist?

another word tat can be used to describe a geologist

Does the Bible have the word scientist in it?

NO. The word scientist is attributed to the Rev. William Whewell (English 1794-1866) by analogy to the word artist.