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What is anterolateral ischemia?

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October 18, 2013 7:41PM

Ischemia means a reduced blood supply to an organ or body part.

Antero- refers to the anterior, or front side of something.

-lateral means to the side or the outside of something.

So to put it all together Anterolateral Ischemia means that there is or was a reduction of blood flow to the front outside part (of an organ).

This is often a term used to describe findings after chest pain or a heart attack. In that case it would mean that the area of the heart on the front side and just to the outside (either right or left) of a line drawn down the middle of the heart has had a reduction in blood supply with some damage to the heart muscle tissue (either temporary or permanent).

The heart muscle is called Myocardial tissue.

Myo- is muscle

cardio- refers to heart.

So, if this is describing reduction in blood supply to the outside front part of the heart muscle... that would be called Anterolateral Myocardial Ischemia.