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Microcontrollers are small computers on integrated circuits that contain a processor core. They are used for automatically controlled products such as remote controls and office tools.

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What is ATMEL 89S52?

It is a micro controller used in various applications of embedded systems

What is micro controller and their uses?

a complete microcomputer on a chip optimized for device control applications.

Who introduced the micro controller?

Dr. Glassenhigmer invented the micro controller

What is purpose of ram in 8051 micro controller?

the internal RAM is for data storage and for many applications is all that is needed.

Difference between avr micro controller and 8051 micro controller?

constructed on a single chip is called micro processor constructed on a single board is called micro controller

Is microprocessor is a micro-controller?

no. opposite

Is a micro-controller hardware?

Yes, a micro-controller is hardware. It is the hardware that the firmware and/or software.

What is the main difference between micro controller and fpga?

micro controller is software and fpga is hardware

How micro controller differs from micro processor?

micro controller contain system on chip memory, timers,counters where as a micro processor doesn't contain all these

What type of micro controller is AT89S52?

Its an I\O controller

Why do we use microcontroller over microprocessor in embedded systems?

This is because micro-controller (MCU) has built-in microprocessor, RAM, ROM, Serial Interfaces, Parallel Interfaces, Analog-To-Digital Converter (ADC), Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC) and much more inside the same chip. But it really depends on our application whether to use micro-processor or micro-controller. Micro-controller is mainly used for controlling applications. Hope it helps you.

How temperature is measured using 8051 micro-controller?

how temperature is measured using 8051 micro-controler?

What is a 8051 Micro-controller?

It is a small control chip.

Why hex code use in micro-controller?

because hex code is simple and execute fast so we use hex code in micro-controller

What is the job opportunity on pic micro-controller?

idek bra

Who invented micro controller?


Give difference between micro controller and micro processor in terms of architecture?

no answer

How data encrypt and decrypt from PC to PC using micro controller?

How data encrypt and decrypt from PC to PC using micro controller?

What is the difference between 8051 and avr micro-controller?

8051 is CISC and avr in RISC

What is mean by registers in micro controller?

Registers are a special type of memory that are dedicated to micro-controllers (or CPUs). Controllers have register-memory for speed.The slowest part of any computer is the bus. The bus is the wiring that connects different components. In this case the micro-controller and main memory. While main memory and the micro-controller are both very fast, the wiring between them is slow.Should the micro-controller have to be slow to compensate for the slow wiring?The solution is to have register-memory. Memory physically part of the micro-controller that allows the controller to use it instantly. The controller can then move data from a register to RAM as soon as the bus is available.Register-memory comes from the concept of a Cash Register [1879]. A cash register is used to perform transactions and store money on it's way to a vault the same way a CPU or micro-controller stores data on its way to main memory.

How can you say that microcontroller is 8bit or 16bit?

Micro controller is 8- bit or 16- bit on basis of alu of micro controller speed of data execution if it performs 8 bit per sec then it called 8-bit controller and so on....

In 89s52 micro controller the term 89 represent what?

a family

Is it possible to program micro controller by using c?


How do you dump any program code on micro controller 89c51?

In order to dump any program code onto a micro controller for a 89c51, you would first have to find access to the main controller board of the item, and plug the program code directly into that.

What are 8051 based systems?

The 8051 is a micro-controller series, basically a computer on a chip. A system based on the 8051 series micro-controller is simply that, a device or series of devices that operate under control of one or more 8051 micro-controllers.

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