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Artificial insemination is when you go to a clinic and they insert sperm into the vagina in order for you to get pregnant.

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By artificial sperm injections, yes

Artificial sperm is only a catalyst for conception. Its the DNA what really creates life.

Artificial insemination

Artificial preservatives are made from frozen sperm from billy goats while natural preservatives are fresh never frozen sperm cells

yes, it's even used as sperm expander in artificial insemination

No, the sperm is tested and the procedure is sterile.

sperm . Sexual intercourse or artificial insemination.

lick a llama and eat its pants

Doctor who perform artificial insemination can do this.

Artificial Insemination ... Uses sperm from a "sperm bank".

No. Answer I believe that water kills sperms. It is tested and proven. During the process of artificial semen collection and artificial insemination precautions are taken to avoid sperm coming in contact of water.

Artificial insemnation with frozen sperm, 80%

Artificial breeding is the act of manually inserting sperm into a female to get it pregnant. This is done with no contact between the male and female at all.

This manipulation is where the male sperm is introduced into the female by artificial means, rather than by natural mating. They actually do this to bees - which I find amazing.

He may be allowed to donate the sperm and you can participate in artificial insemination.

In some situations, that is exactly what it means. The "artificial" in this case just means that it wasn't done using sex. If the semen cannot reach the egg cell, doctors can put it there, at least after verifying that there are sperm cells in the semen. If the man doesn't have semen with viable sperm cells, then trying to put his semen by the egg cell won't help. In other cases, it refers to artificial fertilization. The egg and sperm cells may be taken from the body, isolated, allowed to fertilize, and introduced back into the woman's body. It is "artificial" since this requires a fertility specialist, and doesn't happen on its own. This can be helpful if a man has a very low sperm count. The sperm cells can be isolated from the semen. Then the egg can be fertilized in a lab and then implanted back in. So the "artificial" here refers to outside intervention. After that intervention, the process is natural.

Juvenille Sperm; extracted from the Testes; may sometimes be used for Artificial Insemination; but first they need to be cultured to mature.

Sure thing! Get some sperm, a baster and go to town on yourself!

No because they do test before they give you the sperm. It keeps from getting sued.

No- but you can talk with a breeder or a vet about artificial insemination. Sperm is kept frozen in liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees F.

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