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What is artificial vegetative propagation?

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some plants can be artificially propagated by using their vegetative parts and this is called artificial vegetative propagation

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There are 4 main methods of artificial vegetative propagation. The four methods are layering, cutting, grafting and tissue culture.

it is the way plants reproduce asexually

Artificial vegetative propagation is very common practice to vegetatively propagate cultivars that have desirable characteristics.

rtificial propagation (def.): Reproduction of biological tissues via human intervention, usually under carefully controlled environmental conditions, but in the absence of the usual (generally sexual) modes of reproduction. Vegetative reproduction can be performed artificially, a common practice among horticulturists, but much vegetative reproduction occurs naturally without human involvement. Furthermore, artificial propagation can be achieved among both animal and plant species, whereas vegetative reproduction only occurs in plants. Artificial propagation is commonly used to increase the populations of endangered species, often via artificial insemination.

natural vegetative propogation and artificial veg. propogation are the two main kinds of veg. propogation....

Vegetative propagation is a cheaper, easier and more rapid method of propagation in plants.

Bryophyllum reproduce by vegetative propagation. vegetative propagation is of two type: natural and artificial. Bryophyllum is showing natural vegetative propagation. here, at notches of Bryophyllum leaves small buds are formed, which are at dormant state. During favorable condition, these buds activated and detached from its parent. Each buds grow into complete new organisms.

Vegetative propagation is production of a new plant from a portion of an existing plant.

When a new plant is developed by vegetative means such as grafting, layering, budding etc. it is known as vegetative propagation.

when vegetative part of plants i.e. roots,stems or leaves give rise to new plants,the process known as vegetative propagation

Vegetative propagation is categorized as asexual reproduction. The process involves a single plant.

vegetative propagation is when a plant reproduces asexually

the formation of a new individual from any vegetative part of a plant body is called vegetative propagation. ruchi

Propagation carried out by man and not naturally.

Rice have sexual propagation using the seeds, and also vegetative propagation splinting tillers.

· Plant raised by vegetative propagation can bear flowers and fruits earlier than those produced by seeds. · This is useful for those plants that have lost the capacity to produce seeds. · Plants produced by vegetative propagation are genetically similar to their parents.

They grow from seeds or by vegetative propagation.

1. Vegetative propagation 2. Sexual reproduction and 3. Asexual reproduction

fragmentation vegetative propagation budding

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