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4 hours @ $175 per hr not including travel time or parts tile replacement performed by others

Above is only correct if you need it DONE NOW!! But realistically I would charge about $300.00 if its a simple switch not including the valve. It would take about 1.5 hrs and if its galvanized pipe in a tight area then it might run $500.00 - $800.00 depending on the situation not including the valve.

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Q: What is average price plumber to install a new shower faucet?
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A plumber can install it in showers and faucets. Is this sentence written right?

Not really. What is he installing? What are you trying to say? A plumber can install showers and faucets. He can install a faucet in a shower. He can install any plumbing fixture. Also it should be is this sentence written correctly.

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How do you remove old shower pipes to install new shower faucet?

To remove old shower pipes to install a new shower faucet, turn the main water off first. Then either cut the pipes at the joints or unscrew the washers holding the pipes together.

Why does Hot water pour from faucet when shower head is on so water is coming from shower head but still comes out of bottom spout. how to fix?

Employ a plumber.

How does one make a shower in a freestanding claw foot tub?

You must install, or have a plumber install a shower head first. You can install a surrounding shower curtain that allows the curtain to drape on the inside of tub.

What is average price plumber to install a new shower cartidge?

Frankly, there is no average. Many plumbers gouge unsuspecting people. It takes about an hour or less to install a new shower cartridge - I do many and see many types. - You figure out how much you want to pay for an hour of honest labour !

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What materials are needed to install shower trays?

Materials needed to install a shower tray are: a spirit level, a pencil and a silicone sealant. It is recommended that the shower tray should be installed by a qualified plumber.

Is it common for a plumber to install a shower pan and liner wrong?

No, that is not common, but there are many different shower pans, so mistakes are possible.

What can you do if after replacing the shower wall all parts of the faucets are dripping?

Now it's time to call a real plumber. == Answer== I agree. When you replace shower or tub walls, you should always replace your faucet while you can. Alot of people don't and the plumber does not like any better than you do.

What is the fix for when you flush the toilet while in the shower the water gets hot?

New pressure balance faucet or you can install a pressure balance valve in the water lines behind tub or if you have a crawl space you can install it on the water lines there. But install only too the lines to tub faucet. And they are not easy no matter where you install. I would just tell everyone not to use any water till you are done with shower.