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Q: What is avg palm size of Indian male?
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What is the avereage size of a 45 year old male chest?

i think 42 inches is avg. for a 45 year old male

How big can cavalier shih tzu mix puppy grow to get?

Avg Size of male: Height: 12-13 Weight: 13-18 Avg Size of Female: Height: 12-13 Weight: 13-18

Was the avg size of a wiener?

aj has a viegina

Avg size for a free safety?

6'0 200lb

What is the size of the AVG free download?

The size of the AVG free download is five megabytes. This is the smallest size of the free download available, and it is the smallest because it is free. Other versions that need to be paid for are larger.

Avg gigabyte size iphone people buy?


What will be white male avg height by 2020?

The same as any other race, 5'10''

What is the weight length and color of a komodo dragon?

avg male: 8 feet, 200 lbs, and gray avg female: 8 feet, 150 lbs, and gray

What is the weight of a crocodile?

Its depends upon which type of sub species of crocodile are you talking about .There are many crocodile found in various regions of earth here are some crocodiles avg weight . 1)American crocodile (avg male 160 -190 kg & female 80 -90 kg) 2)Philippine crocodile (avg male 140-150 kg & female 50 -60 kg) 3)Mugger crocodile or Marsh crocodile (avg male 450 -500kg & female 250 -300 kg) and 4)Nile crocodile or African crocodile (avg male 600 -900 kg & female 300-500 kg)800 lbs. 360 kg.

What is avg breast size?

About a C cup. Though I did hear at one point that the average breast size in the U.K. is a D cup.

Is it normal for a 14 year old to have 34b as bra size?

Yes. Avg. bra size in the US for a young female is 34B. You are right on!

What is the average temperature in Guatemala?

Monthly averagesJanuaryAvg Low: 66°Avg High: 92°February Avg Low: 67°Avg High: 94°March Avg Low: 69°Avg High: 95°April Avg Low: 72°Avg High: 95°May Avg Low: 72°Avg High: 93°June Avg Low: 72°Avg High: 91°July Avg Low: 71°Avg High: 91°August Avg Low: 71°Avg High: 91°September Avg Low: 71°Avg High: 89°October Avg Low: 71°Avg High: 90°November Avg Low: 70°Avg High: 91°December Avg Low: 68°Avg High: 92°Hope this helps alot!:)