What is baby mouse?

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Baby mice are usually referred to as pinkies or pups. The scientific name for the common mouse is Mus Musculus.

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Q: What is baby mouse?
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What is the term for a baby mouse?

baby mouse.

What is the name of a baby mouse?

Just baby mouse (or if more baby mice)

What so you call a baby mouse?

A baby mouse is called a pup.

What do you do when your baby mouse does not drink the milk out of the tube?

kill the baby mouse

What is a baby mouse called?

A baby mouse is called a pup or a pinkie.

Whats is a baby mouse called?

A baby mouse is called a Pinkie.

How do you know if a baby mouse is a mouse?

Is the mother a mouse? Is the father a mouse? Then yes, it is a mouse.

What do you call the offspring of a mouse?

baby mouse

What do you call a baby of mouse?

A mouse.

What is the name for a baby mouse?

A baby mouse can be called PUP PINKY or KITTEN

What do if your mouse have baby?

So if you mouse have baby like my your mouse it can have about 5 to10 baby my mouse have 5 she diet .So the baby didn't have a mum so 4 baby mouse diet I just have one baby mouse and a boy mouse to the boy mouse is the baby dad so here your same tip Tip1: If your baby mouse mum diet the baby we live sametime one of my baby mouse live your baby mouse have to have there mum milk but if the mum diet you can get them puppy milk or the cat milk have to feed them the milk every 2hour Tip2:you can hold them if the mum is diet why if you hold a newborn mouse and the mum is not diet shewill eat the baby so do not hold them Tip3:at night I have to look a my baby mouse every 3min .why because the baby get to cool Tip4:the baby mouse will sleep a lot.why because if it do not have much sleep it can diet so . Tip:they can have food but the baby eye have to be open and they have to walk a bit

What sound does a baby mouse make?

A mouse squeks

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