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What is back up file?

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What do you call the executable file for Microsoft back file for windows 3x?

norton back up

What is a TCB file?

It is a Worden Telechart Funds back up file.

How do you convert blackberry back up file BBB to excel or csv file?

To convert blackberry back up file , and to excel scv file , you need an computer . You connect with your blackberry mobile phone and you can easily do that .

What is the meaning of back up file?

A back up file is an extra file or a file kept on a flash drive or other holding unit. Back up files are in case the computer's hard drive (its storage component) is corrupted or broken. It is to ensure that you do not lose files because you have a second copy.

Can you file your taxes from 2008?

You can file up to 2 years back taxes.

What copy of a file is used to restore a damaged or deleted file?

That would be a 'back-up' file - assuming you have one ! A back-up is a copy of something that you can go back to in case something has happened to the original.

What is the ancestral method of file back up works?

Will Someone Answer This Question!!!!! I Love You Georgia XD The ancestral method is a way of backing up data. It creates regular backups from a suitable backing storage. There is the son, the father and the grandfather. The son is the most recent created back up. After another back up is made, it becomes the father and so on. When you have a grandfather back up file and another back up file is created, it is deleted. This means that if the original file was lost or corrupted, it has three backup files to use.

What is the purpose of a back-up disc?

The purpose of a back-up disc is so if you lose a file required to run windows then that backup disc can return the file. This is useful for when a file is accidentally deleted or when there is a virus on the computer.

How do you get back up the file edit view favourites tools and help back up?

Try the F11 key.

If you delete a file do you get the bytes back that it took up?


How do you back up the inittab file in Linux?

using i cloud

What is the meaning of back up your file?

Back up your file means to save your file in another place like a CD, flash drive, external hard drive, or online storage facility. This is done to protect files in case of computer hardware failures.

How can you make a back up of a file that you have on your computer?

Copy the file you want to back up on to a external storage device such as an external harddrive or memory stick. You can also put the file onto another persons computer, either by emailling it to them or buy transferring it from an external storage device.

What is it called when you store a file on a hard drive or removable disk?

back up

Is the true You don't necessarily have to back up every file on your hard disk?


How can insert a data into file in c?

You insert data into a file by copying the file to a temporary file up to the point of insertion, then copying the data to be inserted, then copying the balance of the original file. After closing the temporary file you delete the original file and rename the temporary file back to the original file's name.

How far back can you file income tax?

You can file as back as you want. If you owe taxes, the IRS will only prosecute up to seven years back, so it's recommended to only file the last seven years. If you are due a refund, the IRS will only refund the previous three years.

Is it safe to mod Skyrim?

Yes but make sure you back-up save file cause some mods are permanent P.S. take this seriously always have a back-up.

What is back up and restoring in Unix?

Backup is the process of making sure there is another copy of each file in case there is a disaster. Restoring is the process of bringing back a copy of a file or directory, etc., from the backup media.

What is the purpose of using an internet file back up?

One may want to use an internet file back up to store their information from their computer for access to it at a later date or to preserve data in case one loses their data. Such services are regularly called clouds.

CAN you restore a deleted file from your recycle bin?

No. When you clicked empty it tells you you cannot. The only way you MAY be able to get a the file back is if you recently used it before you deleted it, if you did that, you can go to recent files and pull it back up.

What is a duplicate of a file program or disk that you can use in case the original is lost damaged or destroyed?

back up

How do you back up your work on a computer?

Save the file to the main computer hard drive by right clicking on the file and selecting "send to" before "desk top" or "my documents"

How do I open a sql server bak file in Access?

you can not open the sql server back up file in access. You have to use server wizard to see the data base provided. It it not simple access or excel file. AnandDave.

What is the purpose of the vlan database?

Vlan database is vlan.bat file which is stored in flash memory and earlier in NVRAM. It is used to store vlan information. we can take back up of this file.