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The 'news' they print is often out of date before they're printed. Additionally - they use a LOT of paper - which is not always from recycled sources.

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Q: What is bad about the newspapers?
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Do newspapers smell bad?

Newspapers can sometimes have a musty smell due to the ink and paper materials they are made of, especially if they are old or have been exposed to moisture. However, some people may enjoy the scent of fresh newspapers.

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Are newspapers bad?

weelll if your a tree hugger then probably because they waste paper. buut get over yourself because newspapers tell us what is going on in this messed up world today. Soo if their is a rapist living in your area then you know.

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If its a specific case you want, then you might find the court house he was processed through and look up the records or ask at the courthouse what happened to him. There are also local libraries in the community the judge got convicted in, that might have information via the local newspapers. Most libraries store up local newspapers, as do the newspapers themselves. Newspapers keep records of past newspapers they have printed. You might ask a lawyer to help you out as well.

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