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Fruits as a Facebook Status

You may have seen some of your friends write a fruit, and nothing else, as their Facebook status. It is a silly code for their relationship status.

Here is how to crack the Facebook fruit code:

Blueberry: I am single

Pineapple: It`s complicated

Raspberry: I am a touch and go woman

Apple: Engaged

Cherry: In a relationship

Banana: I am married

Avocado: I am the "other one"

Strawberry: Can`t find the right one

Lemon: Wish I was single

Grape: wants to get married

So, if you refer to the chart, you will discover that banana means "I am married."

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Banana means I am married.

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Why are people writing banana as their Facebook status?

Fruits as a Facebook StatusYou may have seen some of your friends write a fruit, and nothing else, as their Facebook status. It is a silly code for their relationship status.Here is how to crack the Facebook fruit code:Blueberry: I am singlePineapple: It`s complicatedRaspberry: I am a touch and go womanApple: EngagedCherry: In a relationshipBanana: I am marriedAvocado: I am the "other one"Strawberry: Can`t find the right oneLemon: Wish I was singleGrape: wants to get married

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