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Q: What is bansik instrument?
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What is a bansik musical instrument?

bansik has four hole flute made of mountain u louie <3

What is bansik musical instrument?

ewan ko d ko alam

What is Bansik?

titeng naka taas

What is the musical instruments of negritos?


What are the musical instruments of negritos?

kabungbung, butting, liguit, bansik,

What is meaning of bansik?

BANSIK is a kind of flute used by the Negritos of Zambales . Made from baito (a variety made of bamboo ), it is about forty centimeters long and two and a half centimeters in diameter. The mouth hole is some-what triangular in shape and the three finger holes are circular.

An instrument that causes air to vibrate is called what?

a musical instrument? a wind instrument? a string instrument? a percussion instrument?

What is an instrument that causes air to vibrate is called?

a musical instrument? a wind instrument? a string instrument? a percussion instrument?

What is secondary instrument?

A secondary instrument is a instrument whose sound is in comparison to the main instrument. It also can be a back up instrument.

Is a trombone a low instrument or high instrument?

it is a low instrument

What are the Philippines native wind instruments?

In the Philippines, the native wind instruments are various types of flutes. The flutes are made mostly of bamboo and have three to six holes. The Tumpong and Bansik are just two of the flutes used in the Philippines.

Is a trombone a brass instrument?

yes, it is a low brass instrument, but it is an instrument.

Is the flute a wind instrument or a string instrument?

it is a wind instrument dumbo

Is a flute a wood instrument or a brass instrument?

a flute is a woodwind instrument

What instrument was a Shawn?

a medievil instrument

What instrument is a chordal instrument?


What is gabbang instrument?

Gabbang is an Instrument...

What is hanunuo instrument?

its is a percussion instrument

Is instrument a verb?

No. Instrument is a noun.

What is a rhythm instrument?

A rhythm instrument is an instrument that produces a beat, like a drum.

What is a instrument that starts with w?

The whistle is a musical instrument. The washboard is a musical instrument.

What was the first instrument?

the first instrument was a guitar like instrument called a lute

What is the instrument used to measure instrument?

Another metrologically certified standard instrument.

What is an instrument that starts with an a T?

Tambourine is a musical instrument. Tuba is a musical instrument.

Is horse radish an instrument?

Mayonnaise is not an instrument. Horse radish is NOT an instrument either.