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What is baseband broadband medium-access control and packet?

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Baseband broadband can be define as access in which networ work

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What is The header of an IPv4 packet does not include fields required for?

The header of an IP packet does not include fields required for reliable data delivery. There are no acknowledgments of packet delivery. There is no error control for data.

What packet is used in ping command?

Packet Internet Groper(PING) is an Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) request packet for it's working. ICMP packets are used to check networks are live or not. -- By MYNarutoAnime ----

What is the significance of packet size in a packet switching network?

The packet size is important because the network can then allow for flow control via a pre-determined 'window'. If there is a lot of PDUs travelling, the network can slow down the flow control, and reduce the packet window - so the receiving end can keep pace with the transmission - in an attempt to avoid a slowdown in network performance. However, in some instances the packet size can be set so that it cannot be fragmented.

What is a network layer data gram?

A packet.A packet.A packet.A packet.

What is purpose of the TCPIP network access layer?

Path determination and packet switching Edit - The correct answer is Network media control, path determination and packet switching is done by the routers.

When packet switching when packets reach their destination node the node them based on their control information?


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What connection services does not involve flow error or packet sequence control?

Unacknowledged connectionless service

In packet switching when packets reach their destination node the node them based on their control information?


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What is the difference between a packet and a frame?

Theoretically Data Link Layer puts packet into frame by adding header and tail to the packet but how is it possible when you take into consideration CCSDS packet definition:"A packet is a block of data with length that can vary between successive packets, ranging from 7 to 65,542 bytes, including the packet header.Packetized data are transmitted via frames, which are fixed-length data blocks. The size of a frame, including frame header and control information, can range up to 2048 bytes."According to this, frame is smaller than packet, so how can you put packet into frame??

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3 Explain the flaw in the following logic Packet switching requires control and address bits to be added to each packet This causes considerable overhead in packet switching In circuit switching?

In circuit switching there is also some required overhead; the overhead in packet switching is usually a small percentage of the total traffic; and in any case, the benefits of packet switching far outweigh any disadvantage of some minor overhead.

What is Fast packet switching?

fast packet switching: A packet switching technique that increases the throughput by eliminating overhead. Note 1: Overhead reduction is accomplished by allocating flow control and error correction functions to either the user applications or the network nodes that interface with the user. Note 2: Cell relay and frame relay are two implementations of fast packet switching.

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What protocol is used by ping?

TCP\IP protocol is run by ping i.e Ping -t will ping the status of device whether healthy or unhealthy The "ping" command is an ICMP (Internet Control Management Protocol) control packet. Many websites disallow this type packet, so beware.

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The noun 'packet' is a collective noun for a packet of sweets.

What action will R2 take for a packet that is destined for It will drop the packet?

It will forward the packet to R1

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Depends how big the 'Packet' is. Packet is not a standard measure.

Which two protocols are associated with layer 4 of the osi model?

There are actually more than two protocols associated with Layer 4. According to Wikipedia, there are Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP), Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP), and Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange (IPX/SPX).

What is dynamic packet filtering?

A packet filter is a mechanism used to provide a level of digital security by controlling the flow of information (data packets) via the examination of key information in packet headers. A packet filter determines if these packets are allowed to go through a given point based on certain access control policies. A dynamic packet filter (DPF) builds on the concepts of a normal packet filter but with increased intelligence. Traditional packet filters are often slower and more difficult to manage in larger networks with complex security policies A stateful packet filter (SPF), quite simply, manages and maintains the connection state of a session through the filter to ensure that only authorized packets of a policy are permitted in sequence.