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I personally wouldn't call anyone crazy. I would just say they have a medical condition.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-03 21:28:22
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Q: What is being crazy?
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What is crazy?

Crazy is being mentally estranged or more typically, being extremely excited or enthusiastic.

How do you say just being crazy in spanish?

(He) is just being crazy - Es sólo que está loco

am i crazy?

no acctulay everybody has their own unic way of being who they are . you may fell crazy but your not that goes to every one

Was Michelangelo crazy or not?

No he was a lonely human being for the most part, he was crazy for art.

How crazy are you insane people?

Being crazy and insane is a preresquite of being a Supervisor on WikiAnswers.- YEA AND IM NOT CRAZY!!! my doctors are yet to find a name powerful enough to describe my condition

Why does lady gaga where crazy clothes?

Because, to her, they're not crazy clothes. They're being who she is.

What is the difference being crazy and Being Insane?

nothing they're the same

Does being in love make you crazy?

No, but yes.

What time does game crazy close?

Game Crazy is no longer open for business. Game Crazy was liquidated in 2010 after being open for over 10 years.

What does crazy means?

You weird or being really energetic

What is Tigger's hobby?

bouncing around and being crazy

Who was crazy horse's father?

With being related to Crazy Horse, I know some info on him. Crazy Horse's father was actually named Crazy Horse also. The Crazy Horse that we know was named after his father. Crazy Horse's Father (((Crazy Horse))) Was a medicine man in the tribe. I know him because he saved Penelope Stout, being a medicine man. Crazy Horse's father took in many different people from all over, because he was sure to cure them! I hope that helps!

What are 5 examples of culture?

being stupid being crazy killing ur self

Where is crazy horse monument?

crazy horse monument was built in black hills South Dakota and is still being finished.

Is being boy crazy bad?

In most aspects, yes.

Can you get jeepers without being a member?

no, you need a crazy daisy!

What way was George Washington life admirable?

For being crazy

Do people go crazy from being locked up a long time?

If you have ever seen the inside of a state or federal institution you would know they are designed to make you crazy and keep you that way. Yes, people go crazy from being locked up. Wouldn't you?

What kind of symptoms do dogs get if they are crazy and are acting weird?

Being crazy and acting weird ARE symptoms. You'd better rethink your question.

Why are people acting so crazy these days?

Actully I don't no! Every town has there own Crazy person or People! But Sometimes people can go Crazy By being in a Uncomfortable position for a really long time or Staying home all the time or even being in a hospital! But who knows?? The people who act Crazy are probably the only people who no!!

What is crunk dancing?

It is like being on earth without the air to enjoy no! crunk is a crazy type of dance!! What the heck is being on earth without air to enjoy?????? its obviously a crazy type of dance.duuhhhh

Can you get iggy without being a member?

I don't think so because the actual code is: Purple Crazy Daisy + Purple Crazy Daisy + Black Moon Orchid and you need the crazy daisies.

How do you get your husband to stop being crazy over beagles and hunting?

Go with him.

How much of the crazy horse monument is carved?

About 641 feet wide and 563 feet high of the Crazy Horse Monument is being carved.

Is the President Obama crazy?

I wouldn't say crazy ; more like a huge, huge liar. Regardless of political persuasion, no one could reasonably accuse the President of being either crazy or a liar.