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Q: What is being done to help the Chinese river dolphin from becoming extinct?
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What are people doing to help the Chinese white dolphin from being extinct?

Stop polluting the waters and building buildings

Why are salamanders becoming extinct?

Salamanders are becoming extinct because it is being hunted by predators and it's natural habitats are being destroyed

Is the pink dolphin the same as the Chinese river dolphin?

No, The Chinese dolphin is its own kind. The pink dolphin is a Albino dolphin thus being very pale comming off as a baby pink, and having red eyes.

What is being done to prevent dolphins from becoming extinct?

At the moment people are buying more cans that have on the side dolphin safe and more and more dolphins are being taken into zoos so that no one can hunt them and the wont starve.

What is being done to stop the giant panda becoming extinct?

I believe the Chinese have set aside some preserves for the panda. Also, zoos around the world are working to keep them from going extinct with breeding programs.

Why are rhinos being saved?

Because they are becoming extinct.

Why are komodo dragons becoming Extinct?

they are becoming extint because there habitat is being destroyed

Is the white tiger species in danger of being extinct?

yes I'm pretty sure that their in danger of becoming extinct :( but there are a few ways we could help them survive and not becoming extinct

How are ayes ayes becoming extinct?

They are being hunted and their habitats are being destroyed.

Why are blue whales becoming extinct?

they are being hunted and their habitats are being destroyed.

How can we help a bottlenose dolphin from being extinct?

we can set up marine laws to ensure that they are safe.

How are frogs becoming extinct?

The rainforests where they live are being chopped down.