Blue Whales

What is being done to save the blue whales?


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There putting them in the zoo's breeding them and then putting them back in the wild


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commercial whaling is now banned and there are protected areas where it lives

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in 1979 a large area in the Indian ocean was was made into a whale sanctuary and whales are protected their today.

They are in danger, i will post when i find out.

make shirts that say SAVE THE WHALES!!!

we can save blue whales by : telling people to stop polluting and you stop polluting too !!!!

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They have charitys set up and in some counys they have banned it.

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There are many organizations that are trying to save the blue whale and many other types of creatures. The most that anyone can do is join one of these causes, and try to raise awareness of the threat to these creatures.

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Everything that can possibly be done with the current geographical and polito-economic scenario in mind is being done.

I don't know! Why are you asking a kid?

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