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putting more And More pandas in reserve parks where they can live a better life and to stop cutting down there homes.

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What is being done to help save the giant panda?

to stop cutting down forests

Is a Giant panda endangered?

noYes they are, but efforts are being made as we speak to save them.

Is the giant panda endangered?

The giant panda is definitely on the endangered species list.yes they are endangeredyesnoYes they are, but efforts are being made as we speak to save them.

What can be done to save the giant panda?

to keep them save, u have to get them away from there predators like snow leopard and yellow-necked martens

What is being done to save the panda?

Their habitats are being consered and numbers scrictly monitered.

What can you do to save Giant Pandas?

In order o save giant pandas it is important to make sure less bamboo is being cut down and donate money to panda preserves so they can help the panda population reproduce.

In 1950 how many giant pandas were there?

In 1950 there were about 10,000 Giant Panda Bears in the whole earth help save the Giant Panda Bears. You can do it!

Is China doing enough to save the giant panda?


How can you save giant Panda?

Stopping deforestation is the best way to save giant pandas. You can partner with the WWF to help protect these creatures.

What is being done to save the panda bears?

they put them into cages and kill them then the ASIANS eat them :) hope it helped

Why should you save the giant panda from extinction?

Why are you asking me? I'm not the answer tree!

What are people doing to save the giant panda?

they are trying there beast to get the government to do somthing about it

Cells fo a stentor?

save the giant panda !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please they are so cute

What is being done to save giant pandas?

== == there are more laws and ways to keep giant pandas safe and healthy we hope that giant pandas won't go exctint.

What is being done to save the galapaos giant tortoise?

pooy people r shooting birds and goatys

What is being done to save the red panders?

there is a red panda consevation programme that is on going in many zoo's across the world.

Where are all the pandas going?

The pandas are being killed for their fur. Luckily, people are working to save the giant panda, and it is now illegal to kill one.

What is being done to protect the giant panda from going extinct?

Much is being done in today`s siciety to help save the animals on the endangered species list. The most important reason that the giant panda is at the risk of becoming extinct is habitat loss. The giant panda is found throughout the continent of Asia. Today, people are helping the giant pandas to gain their habitat back by making deforestation illegal in China. Temporaraly we have been moving the pandas at risk into zoos in the continents of Asia and North America (mainly the country of the U.S.A.). Once we are positive that the habitat is fully repared all of the pandas now residing at the zoos will be again released into the forsests.

Where can you make a donation to help save giant panda bears?

The world wildlife fund

How can people help save the giant panda bear from becoming extinct?

keep them in a cage

What can people do to save the pandas?

The Giant Panda is an endangered species, threatened by continued habitat loss and by a very low birthrate, both in the wild and in captivity. The best way the general public can save the Giant Panda is to donate to charities set up to try and save their habitat.

How do you save the giant panda?

Give the giant pandas more food to survive properly and not be killed. You can also make more habitat's for the giant pandas.

How can you save the giant pandas?

We can help/save the pandas by making more space for them to live, and planting bamboo for them to feed off!Tinysara1234 wrote this!We can donate money to help save the giant panda. We can also take a stand and help the gaint panda and do a little bang here and a bang there

What would be a good slogan for a project about saving endangered pandas?

go Pandas! its pandamonium! help save the giant pandas and you will help preserve part of this world!

What can be done to save thse panda?

you could donate to the World Wildlife Foundation.

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