What is believed to have destroyed troy VI?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is believed to have destroyed troy VI?
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What is the year Odysseus left Troy?

Odysseus left Troy after the city fell. Since that happened several thousand years ago and the event was not recorded in written form until several hundred years later, an exact date is not possible. Troy VIIa has become the most likely candidate for the city whose destruction is described in Homer's Iliad. It was destroyed by fire around 1180 BC. Troy VI, which was believed by many during much of the 20th century to be Homer's Troy, was destroyed, probably by earthquake, in 1275 BC

What city of Troy was the city in the Trojan War?

The city Troy was destroyed in the Trojan War; its ruins have been located along the coast of what is now called Turkey in Asia Minor.Another angle:Troy Level VI.

Was Aeneas hated when he destroyed Troy?


Who won the war of Athens v Troy?

Troy was defeated and destroyed in the Trojan war.

What destroyed troy?

I believe Odysseus destroyed the city of troy

Who is arkimidis?

Arkimidis was the Greek hero that destroyed Troy

Which city was built and destroyed 9 times?


What is the name of the city destroyed by Odysseus?

The answer to this question is the City of Troy.

What famous city was stormed and destroyed by the ancient Greeks?

Troy was.

What part does Troy play in the Odyssey?

It is the launching place of Odysseus on his extended voyage home to Ithaca after Troy was destroyed.

How high is the wall of troy?

Sadly the Wall of Troy was destroyed during the War of Troy...The Troy was rediscovered by Shliman, German Archeologyst...He foud Troy in todays Turkey...The walls were not so high as described in Homer's Iliad...

What happened to the city of troy around 1250 B.C.?

It was destroyed by the Greeks.