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A heat pump saves much more energy. They are also a lot more expensive to purchase as an initial investment.

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How can you tell if an electronic is an energy saver?

you can tell if an electronic is an energy saver by looking for the energy star.

What does E mean on the control for electric blanket?

It means "energy saver" as in it doesn't use electricity but its own heat to conserve itsself.

What is the difference between LED and Energy Saver Lamps?

I am not sure. But what I know is that LED or LED lampen is an example of an energy saver lamp.

How much can you save by changing to a energy saver rated freezer?

Energy Saver freezers can save you over fifty dollars a year in electricity.

Are energy saver bulbs good for growing?


Can a capacitor serves as energy saver device?

no, not really

Where to get cutter blade for GE space saver electric can opener?

At Kolths, or Wallgreens.

What energy star features can be enabled and disabled through cmos set-up?

This is a list of some of the popular features, it is not all of them.....Auto Power On/Off: Turns the computer ON and OFF at specified times.CPU Energy Saver: Turns the computer OFF at specified times, but not ON.Screen: Puts an internal monitor into energy saving mode.Energy Saver 1.0: Puts an external monitor into energy saving mode.Energy Saver 2.0: Combines functionality of CPU Energy Saver, Energy Saver 1.0, and Auto Power On/Off. Energy Saver 2.0 is compatible only on PCI-based Power Macintosh computers, which includes the Power Macintosh 5400, 6400, 7200, 7500, 7600, 8500, and 9500 series computers.

What is a DES application?

Desktop Energy Saver utility of gigabyte motherboard

What is the function for resistor?

the answer is that it is allowed to get the electricity right and it has energy power saver

What type of motherboard uses an energy saver monitor?

A green motherboard

What is the cost of an energy saver device?

That depends exactly what device you are talking about.

Does an energy saver coiled bulb continue to flicker when switched off?


What are some electrical energy slogans?

DO the earth a favour. Be a power saver!

How much heat will the Energy Saver Cotton Grommet Top Curtain hold in?

The Energy Saver cotton grommet top curtain will keep your room about five degrees cooler or warmer, depending on the season.

How does the energy saver on the air conditioner help?

It requires less energy to run, but produces the same effect.

What actors and actresses appeared in Energy Saver - 2012?

The cast of Energy Saver - 2012 includes: Ruth Gibson Elliot Levey as Steve Peter Sissons as News Caster Kate Sissons as Reporter

What is the most efficient and energy saver street lighting?

Ones that don't work ;)

What is the OEM brand of the tires in the Mercedes c180 2010?

Michelin Energy Saver

What mini system has the best rated energy saver rating?

Pioneer's systems are for the most part very energy efficient.

How does energy saver AC help your electric bill?

Saving energy means you use less energy from the company that supplies your electricity. Hence your bill will be less. You are charged in Watt Hours. If you turn on an incandescent 100 Watt bulb for an hour the electric company will charge you about 12 cents. If you use an LED bulb which gives the same light and only consumes 20 Watts, it only costs about 2.4 cents per hour.

How do you use a capacitor as a power saver?

You cannot use a capacitor as a 'power saver' or, more accurately, 'energy saver'! A capacitor may improve the power-factor of a load, and this may reduce the value of its load current, but this does not reduce the energy consumed by the load. For a residence, a so-called 'power save' capacitor is nothing more than a rip-off.

How do you undo childlock on Kitchenaid whisperquiet dishwasher?

Hold the energy saver dry button for 5 seconds

Why the energy saver bulb is coiled?

To have enough bulb or surface area to produce the required amount of light.

What energy saver bulb given off 1750 lumen?

That would be approximately a 30 watt CFL.

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