What is best estimate and how do i calculate it?

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A best estimate is the best guess that you can give for an answer. It is not really done using a formula, just by comparing things in your mind.
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What is the best way to calculate due date and estimate delivery date?

It is really complicated. The simple calculations listed belowbased on a fixed addition from your last menstrual period or thoseused by most online calculators are terribly inaccurate. A lot ofrecent research has indicated a number of other variables toconsider. (See the page links, further down thi ( Full Answer )

What mathematicain estimated the most accurate calculation of pi?

In recent history (the last decade) most of the records for the calculation of pi to high precision have been performed by Yasumasa Kanada working with his research team at the Information Technology Center of the University of Tokyo. The current record is 1.2411 trillion digits calculated in 2002.

How to calculate the eml estimated maximum loss?

First of all you need to clarify the types of risks and the limits which you are ready to accept for ex. per office you are ready to accept 1mln and per shop 500K. Then you need to check, is this risk already insured by your company or not, becouse in case if it is already insured part of it or con ( Full Answer )

Why is the calculation of Depreciation based on estimates?

First of all we must have a clear belief that, Depreciation must always be estimated, it can never have a fixed value. Therefore the only way is to predict it. Even when we say we are calculating it, our calculation is our prediction -which can be proved to be correct and wrong too. But even so the ( Full Answer )

How do you estimate the best fit of curve?

You always use some model (i.e. function) to fit experimental curve. If you do not know the kind of curve (linear, parabola, Gauss, etc.) you can try to fit with different functions and then compare the residual sum of squares and coefficient of determination of those fit functions. I use MagicPlot ( Full Answer )

How can you calculate your estimated auto loan payments?

You can calculate your auto loan payments by using an auto loan calculator that can be found on various websites. You will need to enter the following information into the online auto loan calculators: The purchase price, the cash rebate, the value of your trade in,what you had previously owed from ( Full Answer )

How helpful is a mortgage calculator for estimating a down payment?

The calculator lets you plug in various down payment amonuts to see what your monthly payments will be. This will allow you to determine the proper amount for a down payment, and the peace of mind to know that you can afford the monthly payment.

Where can you find a good grocery cost estimator calculator?

Buying from grocery stores always leads to worries about costs. Save your receipts as they indicate the general trend of costs over a weekly or monthly basis. Also, Dooley's Doodles grocery list calculator is a popular one.

What is the best unit to estimate the length of a whale?

This does depend on species of whale. Largest species is blue whales that average measure 85 feet which is a good unit. Smallest species is dwarf sperm whale which a good unit of measurement would be meters around 3 meters.

Is there a calculator to estimate the weight of carbon in a tree?

Yes, there's a calculator at the link below. It uses the circumference of the trunk at chest height to estimate the carbon weight for various types of trees. Carbon is assumed to be 50% of body mass. The calculator also estimates how much carbon dioxide that weight would represent (if the tree were ( Full Answer )

Which is the best estimate for the capacity of jug of milk?

There are several ways you could determine the capacity of a milk jug: 1: Fill the milk jug with water and then transfer the water to a graduated measuring jug 2: take a bottle of known volume such as a soda bottle. Fill the soda bottle and transfer its contents to the milk jug to get its approxi ( Full Answer )

What is the best estimate for the weight of a desk?

Desks, depending on their size and construction, might weigh from just 15 to 20 pounds, to as much as 300 pounds or more. Typical office desks weigh between 30 and 100 pounds.

What is estimated to be the best team in the NBA?

The Milwaukee Bucks are projected be number 1 in the NBA this year despite contrary beliefs. The Miami Heat are projected to choke on a big one in the playoffs and will come up short. Also the Los Angeles Lakers will be demolished by year's end because Kobe will become so selfish he will refuse to p ( Full Answer )

What is the best estimate of 86 squared?

Work out the higherand lower numbers so the answer will be somewhere inbetween. So 80 x 80 = 6400 and 90 x 90 = 8100 then 86 x 86 will be between 6400 and 8100 Actual answer is 7396 by the way.

How can you estimate a square root without using a calculator?

\n. \n. Know your squares: 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81, 100, 121, 144, 169 196, 225, ... (Also know that the square of a thousand is a million.) To estimate the square root of 50, for example, since 50 is just a little bigger than 49, its square root is just a little bigger than 7. \n. \n ( Full Answer )

How do use a calculator to estimate roots of numbers?

The calculator already gives you a square root (or other root) with 8 or 10 significant digits, and does so quickly; there is no need to "estimate". However, you can round the result if you like. .

Where can one calculate an estimate for their auto insurance?

Most insurance companies offer online services to estimate the cost of insuring your vehicle through tier company. Geico, State Farm, and The Hartford are all highly rated companies that offer online rate calculators.

How can one calculate moving estimates?

There are places with moving calculators to help one find out how much their moving expenses will cost. Try looking at Relocation Calculator. Add together how much a moving van will cost, labor and time.

What is the best calculator for me?

First consider how much you wish to pay. Second decide howsophisticated the calculator must be for he work you intend to useit for. Then combine both answers to guide your choice,

What is the best estimate of a parrot?

Do you mean how much does a parrot cost to buy? If so they can range from $20 for the small parrots such as a conure to 1,500.00 for a Scarlet, blue and gold or Greenwing to 10,000.00 for the Hyacinth

What is the best estimate of the mass of a potato?

There are big potatoes and small potatoes. Big ones are in the range of a pound, while smaller ones are in the range of a couple of ounces. I have seen some VERY large potatoes, at a couple of pounds or so.

What Are The Myths And Errors To Avoid When Calculating My Estimated Taxes?

Whencalculating your quarterly or yearly tax liability, always makesure you are thinking about your business's whole financialpicture. A lot of small company proprietors get swept up within themyth that 'whatever my company bank account balances is on December31st is exactly what I will need to pay ( Full Answer )

What is the best estimate 289and 7?

You can add 289 and 7 together without estimating. you can add 2, 8, 9 and 7 together without estimating. If you have to, 290 and 7 = 297.