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What is best estimate and how do i calculate it?

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A best estimate is the best guess that you can give for an answer. It is not really done using a formula, just by comparing things in your mind.

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What is the best estimate of 128 plus 375?

The best estimate is, of course, the correct value, which is so easy to calculate that I am astounded that anyone would want to estimate it. 128 + 375 = 125 + 3 + 375 = 125 + 375 + 3 = 500 + 3 = 503 The second best is 500.

Which is the best estimate of the capacity of a fish tank?

You will need the height, width and length to calculate the capacity

What is estimate 72 percent of 43 one half?

if you have to calculate, calculate exactly, answer is 31.32

What is the best estimate of the area of a circle with a diameter of 10 cm?

You have to calculate the radius - half the diameter. Then square the radius, and multiply by pi (approximately 3.1416). If you want to do a mental estimate, round pi to 3.

What is the best estimate of 57?

It is 60 as the best estimate for 57

Which is the BEST estimate of 2852.831?

The BEST estimate can only be 2852.831 anything else is not BEST.

How do we calculate a planet's year?

We estimate the distance between the sun and that planet, then we calculate the velocity of the planet.

How does a woman calculate their conception date?

A woman can calculate the conception date of her baby by figuring out the first date of her last menstrual period. Then the woman can add around 2 weeks to that date and that is the best estimate of a conception date.

What does inestimable mean?

too great to calculate or unable to estimate

Best estimate of the number of stars in a typical galaxy?

The best estimate of the number of stars in a typical galaxy is unknown there is so many but the best estimate is BILLIONS

Which is the best estimate of the square root of 83?

9 is the best estimate whole number

What part of speech is estimate?

The word estimate can be a noun and a verb. Noun: A rough calculation. Verb: To calculate roughly.

How do you estimate 3444 times 670 with rounding?

You can calculate 3444 times 670 without rounding or you can estimate it WITH rounding. But you cannot estimate it without rounding.

What is determined or estimated amount of something?

It is a determined value or an estimate.

Is the word 'estimate' a verb a noun or both?

It is both.Verb: To roughly calculate.Noun: A rough calculation.

What is the best way to estimate the solution of a quadratic equation?

I don't think there is any easy way to estimate it; just use the quadratic equation to calculate the solutions. You can round some of the numbers to get an estimate; in this case you might even do most of the calculation in your head, but it's probably easier just to do the full calculation.

What is the best estimate for a basketball hoop?

300cm is the best estimate for a basketball hoop

What is your best estimate for the age of the universe?

My best estimate for the age of the universe is 13 and a half billion years.

How do we calculate tree volume if the height is not known?

If you cannot estimate the height then, unless it is a very specific shape, you cannot calculate the volume.

What is the best estimate for 1235 and1045 and 975?

To the nearest ten, 1240, 1050 and 980 respectively.

Which is the best estimate of a bottle of shampoo?

This question makes absolutely no sense. The best estimate of WHAT pertaining to a bottle of shampoo?

What is the best estimate for 32.6 times 5.9?

Best estimate is 30 x 6 = 180 Actual answer is 192.34

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