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Selling a Stamp Collection
  • Before you eBay or go to an Auction house contact a local Stamp Dealer. Many Coin shop Dealers also deal with stamps. This will arm you an idea on what it may go for. They may also make you an offer.
  • eBay it! This requires you have some knowledge of philately and the collection.
  • Have it auctioned by an ordinary auction house. This is not likely to obtain a good price, as the audience is not typically going to be knowledgable about the collection.
  • If you think the collection is very valuable, contact one of the large national auction houses that specialize in stamp auctions. They have the contacts and ability to evaluate and price the collection as well an understanding the market. In some cases they may even set up a private sale for a commission.
  • You can also sell a stamp collection at a flea market. I sold my collection there and got over 200 bucks!
  • It's hard to improve on such good advice. Also consider which is free to all.
  • I would consider other ways in addition to eBay because you would need to take too many pictures and spend too much time on each item unless you do it as one lot. It can be very time consuming with multiples, wrapping, and shipping. You could find a stamp collector who buys collections through Craigslist or the local stamp club. That way you can sell it straight for cash instead of through eBay/PayPal. I have been burned by Paypal because whatever the buyer says goes and you can't get your money back from paypal if the buyer credits your account after receiving the item. You can read about that on eBay message boards.
  • Ebay can get a little difficult for the novice, it can be profitable. Listing is free (for the first 100 items a month), and the fee is around 9 to 12 percent. You don't need to take many pictures, just a picture of the album and a listing of what's good (Scott #1 in VF, NH, perf 12, DL watermark with a large grill mark and a hand stamp cancel).
  • Ebay lets you sell as a "lot" so you can dispose of a whole collection. I've looked recently at the stamps on eBay and made a few bids. I had no problems at all. Unlike Craigslist, payment is through Paypal and it's pretty secure.
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Q: What is best way to sell a big stamp collection?
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