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well on the track the 2 stroke will beat the 4 stroke anyday. the only real reason they made a 4 stroke to race Motocross is because 2 stroke polutes much more and uses more gas than the 4 stroke does. if ur looking for topend speed ove a long distance than a 4 stroke is ur best bet. the 250 2 stroke has less horsepower than the 125 2 stroke but the 125 2 stroke needs to have rings replaceds ever 150 hours or so but its a cheap and easy job you can take the bike apart and put it back together in about 30 min for each. you can do the whole job if you have a honer. whilke the 4 strokes rings last longer you have to take the whole bike in to have the valves looked at and filed down. i own a 2002 suzuki RM 125 i have raced many 250 4 strokes and have never lost my bike is all stock exept the pistion and i have never lost to a single one plus it is way more fun to ride with a powerband. but i guess you have to figure out which you feel better rideing on.

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What happens to the speed using 2 stroke compare to 4 stroke?

two stroke engines have a power stroke every second revolution of the crank shaft. four strokes have a power stroke every fourth revolution of the crank shaft. that is why a 125cc two stroke has about the same power as a 250cc four stroke.

How fast does a motorbike go at 125cc?

a 125cc varies between 65-85mph with a four stroke engine, and 65-up to 100mph with a two stroke

How fast can a 250cc four stroke bike go?

it will go 650 mphs

What is the fastest four stroke 125cc dirt bike?

Yamaha TTR 125

How much does a 125cc four stroke dirt bike cost?

200$- 800$

What is better a four or two stroke engine?

in my opinion a two stroke engine is a better quality engine as compared to a four stroke engine!

Which is better a two stroke or four stroke engine for a dirt bike?

i would say i two stroke because two strokes are much easier to fix, there faster and better.

What is the fastest single-cylinder 250cc motorcycle in production today?

The fastest production four-stroke single cylinder motorcycle is most likely the 2011 Honda CBR250R.

Whats the horsepower on a 250 dirt bike?

Depending on the type of 250cc engine, two-stroke or four-stroke, and the state of tune of the engine you can expect anywhere between 20hp for a nice relaxed trail bike to over 40 hp from a fire breathing two-stroke motocrosser.

If buying an older used dirt bike is it better to buy a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke?

four strokes last longer if rode right

Is the Honda crf100f 2 stroke or four stroke?

Four stroke

What is better a two stroke snowmobile or a four stroke snowmobile?

4 stroke is better than 2 -more torque last longer that is why gm stoped making 2 stroke diesels

Is a two stroke better than a four stroke?

I like The four stroke because of the torque. but the two stroke is a bit quicker on the jump, the both fast but the four strokes and take you more place's. The two strokes are very jumpy so they like two slide out goin up hills

Are two stroke dirt bikes better then four strokes?

My opinion, no. You have to mix gas for the two stroke, and two stokes are not as powerful.

What is the weight limit for 125 four Wheeler?

125cc four wheeler weight limit

Is a crf 150 a two stroke or a four stroke?


How old do you have to be to ride a 250cc four wheeler?

12 0r 13

Is a 200cc dirt bike safe for an 11 year old?

In my opinion NO. An 80cc would be a good start. 125cc if the rider is experienced. If its a four stroke and he/she is experienced enough to know his limitations I would proceed with caution.

Does a kx125 have an oil filter?

depends if it is a two stroke or four. a two stroke will not be a four stroke may i am not sure

Advantages of two stroke engine over a four stroke engine?

Explain the advantages of four-stroke engine over two-stroke engine

Is a Honda xr70 a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

It is a four stroke.

Is a yz 80 a two stroke or four stroke?

2 stroke

Is a two stroke better than a four stroke for play?

Foe a play bike, I don't know that one is better than the other. Think about where you would be riding and ride one of each and see what fits your riding style better.

Which engine was invented first.Two stroke engine or four stroke?

two stroke

What is the second stroke called?

In a four-stroke engine its called the compression stroke

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