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Though both MS or infact a MTech are almost equivalent, but still the value addition is much as compared to the masters in US. A MS in a foreign university is anyday of much more value as compared to the IIT's. Being a IIT'ian , we really do not have those standards as compared to the MIT's or the Harvard's of the world. How ever if you are looking for more specific reply to your query, try logging onto . They are arranging for free calls from those who have done both MS and MTech from IIT. Voicetap shud help.

It is strictly dependent on which degree leads you to your personal career goals and objectives. It is not that one is better than the other, it's just that they are different in approach to a given field of study. First you must decide on your career goal. Once you do this, the path you must take will become clear. Make sure you discuss this with a career counselor at the school you are enrolled in.

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Q: What is better MS or MTech from an IIT?
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yes.... from 2011 new iit does offer mtech

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How do you get into MS in IIT chennai?

By getting better score in IITJEE

How can you get admission in IIT for MTECH in mechanical?

You have to Clear the GATE Exam.

Avg package of mtech student from iit?

MTech students studying in IIT get an average package of around 6 lacs per annum. They are also paid by the Government of India during the course of their study.

What is the highest pay for mtech IIT production?

15 lakhs is the average placement in mtech. Generally the highest goes to 40 lakh.

Can you study aerospace engineering in MTech after MSc in astrophysics from an IIT institute?

Can you study aerospace engineering in MTech after MSc in aviation in jntuh

What is the stipend of an MTech student in IIT?

it is 8,000 rs for TA(teaching assistant)

What is the syllabus for mtech mechanical in iit madras?

syllabus of m-tech in mechanical branch

How do you enter into Mtech iit from Btech eamcet engeneering?

For getting into IIT M.Tech you have to give GATE entrance exam for more information about gate exam a here is a link for you

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