What is better a religious utopia or a secular utopia?


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Either one, it's a utopia, that's what matters.

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Was the Mona Lisa A religious or secular painting

non secular is all about religious aspects, and secular is not. ex. Christmas is a religious holiday so it is non secular, and pi day is not so it is secular

Yes. A secular state is not bound to religious traditions that make women subservient to men.

The word secular means 'non-religious', that's the dictionary definition. By the way, secular does not mean evil. Religious music is used during religious services or for personal devotions. Secular music is used in different ways.

Secular ideas are ideas that have no religious connotation's

Wreaths are a secular tradition.

Secular literature is non-religious literature.

"Secular" means "not religious."

Secular is worldly, non religious.

A religious trend that promotes the Human Secular religion.

A secular state. A secular state.

A secular play is one without religious overtones.

An oratorio can be both secular and religious.

"Secular" is a word having to do with non-religious beliefs or practices. So the answer is "No".

a religious festival is not secular divali for eg

A secular society is one that separates the religious from the civics.

People have been secular long before they were religious.

Secular vocation means a non-religious job.

No religious affiliations

Secular just means non-religious. So, secular literature is really ALL literature except religious literature... and even religious literature can be looked at from a non-religious viewpoint, so for instance in a Bible As Literature class, the class would look at the text from a non-religious perspective.

It means something was made secular. Secular means non-religious.

Secular music is non-religious music, separated from religion.

Answer: A non-religious viewpoint. Answer

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