What is better blackberry bold 9700 or iPhone 3gs?

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Stupidest question I have ever heared, ofc the Iphone is better the Blackberry is overpriced old hardware that looks terrible.
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What is better iPhone or blackberry?

Well due to the iphone and blackberry being in competition and with very high rated population with both of them in reality a blackberry has got the same applications that an iphone has got and so blackberry is better. Also an iphone is very easy to brake the screen will crack and get damag ( Full Answer )

How do you import contacts from your Blackberry to the iPhone 3G?

Ok, this is how I did it with my Blackberry Pearl, or Bold andany iPhone, on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. Preliminary steps: Have Blackberry Desktop Manager installed. Also,connect your Blackberry and iPhone to your computer (you don't needto connect both at the same time... but I did any way) . Mak ( Full Answer )

Is iPhone or blackberry better?

iPhone. you can do more things on it. blackberry's are kinda for business people. unless your a business man/woman get a blackberry (:

Is Blackberry better than iPhone?

It depends what you want on your phone. It's relaly a matter of opinion, but I would choose iPhone. I think the iPhone is better because the Apps and Blackberry has a tiny keyboard. (Hard to text)

What is better the blackberry storm or the iPhone?

Actually, it's both good. The Blackberry Storm can send files to other phones and can accept files from other phones, and it's good for Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, etc. But it's not as good as iphone for playing games, watching videos, and listening to music. iPhone can't accept and can't sends f ( Full Answer )

What is better an iphone or a blackberry?

The iPhone has more features but costs more than the Blackberry. 'Better' is relative. One thing to keep in mind about the Blackberry: Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry is having a very rough time and is predicted by some analysts to be going out of business soon. See the link and look ( Full Answer )

What is better blackberry bold or iPhone?

It depends. For a good looking body, strong structure and overall solid phone with a good amount of media, I would go with the iPhone 4.

Is the iPhone or blackberry storm better?

Well, It depends what you want it for. If you want something that you would have for yourself and business. Blackberry Storm If you want something with super cool apps that might make you laugh, fast web,text. Iphone I have the iPhone and the app store has games like Tap tap, Top gun, Pacman, isnip ( Full Answer )

Which is better the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 2G?

i would say that in battery time the 2G is better. The network connection is more stable on the 2g. on the 3g mobile internet is faster, sounds are louder, GPS function is a little bit more precise. I would buy a 3G phone now if i was you, but if you can wait... theres a new iPhone coming in July

Which is better iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3gs is the best it is more lightweight and is quicker but is more expensive. But - what are my first impressions of the iPhone 3G? 1. Good: the ugrade procedure was painless. Plug it in, and it asked me whether I was upgrading. I said yes. It silently copied everything over to the new iPh ( Full Answer )

Which is better iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS?

The iPhone 3GS. It's faster, has an improved camera with video recording capabilities, has a digital compass and more. It's also compatible with the latest software (at the moment), iOS 6.1, whereas the iPhone 3G is only compatible up to iOS 4.2, meaning you won't get as many software features and m ( Full Answer )

What is better blackberry bold or curve?

Curve 8520 is the worst one you can get, they fall apart instantly because they're really badly made. The Curve 9360 is the best curve you can get in my opinion but the battery life is horrible, lasts about 6 hours if you're on it most of the time. I'd say all the bolds are average apart from the 99 ( Full Answer )

Which is better iPhone vs Blackberry Bold vs HTC Hero?

I have had a personal BB Bold for a year (curve before that, HTC windows mobile before that), current work phone is HTC Hero, and I just upgraded my personal Blackberry Bold 9000 for a Iphone. Here is what I have come up with: Touch Screen: Iphone. HTC Hero is a little small to get the job don ( Full Answer )

How fat is the blackberry bold 9700?

The Bold 9700 is no where near 'fat'... It perceives the look of being big, but laying the phone down on the table-it looks compact and tidy... The phone weighs hardly anything.

Where can you buy the psych blackberry bold 9700 skin?

You can go to many popular phone websites such as... . Vodaphone . Tesco direct . T-Mobile . Orange . O2 . Fone4u . Mobile direct Go to the Blackberry website and that will tell you all the places all different types on Blackberries are sold.

How do you import contacts from your iPhone 3G to the Blackberry?

Do not ask about ipod and phones in this websites those questions will not be answered.who ever asked about this will not be able to ask any other question again. This is a website to study not to ask about love iphones and ipod.is this clear or not.maybe it is not to you because your too busy searc ( Full Answer )

Does the Blackberry Bold 9700 have an FM radio?

No, unfortunately it does not have the hardware built in. Although there are many decent applications on 'Blackberry App World' support live streaming through 3G, GPRS & Wifi.

Is the iPhone or iPhone 3g a better phone?

Exactly the same how ever the iphone 3g has a little bit wider screen and faster data speeds due to the fact that it supports 3g whereas the original iphone only supports edge or 2g

What phone is better the iPhone or the blackberry?

I work at the Carphone Warehouse and it been a great experince to find out whats better Iphone or Blackberry and we had a long talk and we came out with Iphone the best choice but it's up to you what you want to pick on.

What is betters iPhone or blackberry?

Realy, it depends on who you are. Overall the iPhone has more features, everything you can do on a blackberry you can do on an iPhone. An iPhone has great internet browsing, etc. You can go on MSN, facebook at any minuite of the day. A blackberry has great internet browsing, etc. You can go on MSN ( Full Answer )

What is better the iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 has a range of improvements including high resolution screen, gyroscope, improved processor, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera with flash and a front facing camera for video calling. ----------- iPhone 4 has better specs than 3gs. You can check some reviews on this site. (See the so ( Full Answer )

What is better a iphone 4 or a blackberry 9700?

They are two very different phones. i would say the blackberry is more of a business phone and a little mroe difficult to use. The iphone is more user friendly and connected to social networking websites and has a larger app (games and programs) store. the blackberry also has more features while the ( Full Answer )

Which is better the iPhone 3G or the iPhone 4?

The difference you will see between the iphone 3G/3G S and the iPhone 4 is quite noticable. Especially the design. AS for the iphone 3G,there is no recently used apps bar (multi-tasking), you can't have a background wallpaper on the homescreen. As for the 3G S, you have both of these features. Howev ( Full Answer )

What is better a blackberry curve or bold?

Well, it really depends on your taste. If you prefer say iPhone then that's your taste. Although, for me it is Curve EVERY time. Thanks.

Which is a better choice iPhone or blackberry?

both are real good in their own aspects.........but i think iphone is better as it is giving some tough competition to the BB.................i own an iphone and its amazing....................

Are iPhone 4S better then 3GS?

Of course they are. iPhone 4s is the best among of iPhone series or smartphone till now.

How do you screen capture on blackberry bold 9700?

The Blackberry Bold 9700 devices are not built with screen shot software. The only way you can get a screen shot is if you download specific software. These are available through the Blackberry App World or other websites.

Is the blackberry bold or torch better?

Well, in my opion I would get a torch because I just love sliding phones but, that's just my choice. I actually have an iPhone 3GS with 16gb

Should you buy a Blackberry 9700 or a iPhone?

Well if you're a good person with touch screens you should probably buy an iPhone, but some BlackBerry's have a touch screen as well, so that does NOT mean you SHOULDN'T buy a BlackBerry!... But for me you should buy and iPhone! They are MUCH better looking than the BlackBerry 9700! Trust me!