What is better byakugan or sharingan?

Sharingan is a bit better for 3 reasons

1. it can evolve

2. it copys oppenents moves

3. increses dodge rate

byakugan is close but a bit less for 3 reasons

1.byakugan has a blind spot

2.sees chakras (whats really the user of that)

3. it is not the move that stops chakras

Improved answer :

Sharingan :

4. Makes user blind

Byakugan :

4 Sharingan cannot copy

5. Cancels and recongises genjutsu

6. any other taijutsu in konoha is no match for hyuuga style

7. Has many uses ;

a) perving ;)

b) spying

c) analysing opponents by looking at their chakra system

8. Hyuuga taijutsu stops chakra flow and can kill opponent instantly