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What is better byakugan or sharingan?

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Sharingan is a bit better for 3 reasons

1. it can evolve

2. it copys oppenents moves

3. increses Dodge rate

byakugan is close but a bit less for 3 reasons

1.byakugan has a blind spot

2.sees chakras (whats really the user of that)

3. it is not the move that stops chakras

Improved answer :

Sharingan :

4. Makes user blind

Byakugan :

4 Sharingan cannot copy

5. Cancels and recongises genjutsu

6. any other taijutsu in konoha is no match for hyuuga style

7. Has many uses ;

a) perving ;)

b) spying

c) analysing opponents by looking at their chakra system

8. Hyuuga taijutsu stops chakra flow and can kill opponent instantly

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What's better Sharingan or Byakugan?

The Byakugan is much better because the Sharingan was derived from the Byakugan. That means the Sharingan was CREATED from the Byakugan. Just because the Byakugan can see chakra points, and the Sharingan has heightened skills or abilities, the Byakugan is still better, without the Byakugan, there is no Sharingan.

How is byakugan related to sharingan?

They both detect chakra but, sharingan is better.

What is better sharingan or byakugan?

The Sharingan is way more better.Sharingan:The Sharingan has a lot of stages like the Dojutsus which has 3 stages. After the 3rd Dojutsu (The one Itachi always use in a normal condition), The next one is the Mangekyou Sharingan, used by Madara, Sasuke and Itachi. There are other versions of the Sharingan like Kakashi's sharingan in Shippuuden and Sasuke's sharingan in the naruto manga chapter 408. The sharingan can see others moves before the opponent does it, mentally hurt the foe with genjutsu and make illusions or decieve the foe with a better jutsu. Byakugan:The Byakugan was inherited from the clan of the Hyuuga. The Byakugan has white eyes (like Neji and Hinata's) and the veins near the eyes can be seen. The Byakugan makes the user faster and it can be used to block the opponents chakra. The Byakugan can also be used to look for incoming attacks and ambush, "Read" the eyes of another ninja and can see how much chakra another ninja has.

How is byakugan similar to the sharingan?

They both can detect chakara but, sharingan is more powerful.

Is Sharingan Better then Byakugan?

well....slightly. the byakugan can see tekkai-gai tekutsu points on the chakra line. although before the byakugan user can strike, depending on the level of the sharingan user and itself, the sharingan can let you see the upcoming attack, and you can dodge it. so my answer is YES. if you have anymore questions, email me at But the byakugan user can also see moves before they are made and the sharigan user would have to be extremely versed in the use of his/her sharingan to even be able to know what to do with it.

Can the mangekyou sharingan see chakra points?

No only the Byakugan

What are the 3 great visual jutsus in naruto?

The Byakugan, the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

Which is stronger sharingan or byakugan?

Sharingan reads their enemy moves and sharingan has more stages and goes up to eternal sharingan ( if u ask what is eternal sharingan is i tell u ) eternal sharigan is the last stage so i dont want to go any farther now the sharingan can do genjutsu, able to copy, and be able to dodge it depends next is byakugan a little same as sharingan but they can see peoples chakara and where to hit them so i say that sharingan is the best.

What does the 'gan' mean in the Sharingan or Byakugan in the Naruto franchise?


Is sakura and Hinata are cool?

ya they r cool because of their sharingan and byakugan

What type of jutsu is sharingan?

Sharingan is not a jutsu. It is a kekkai genkkai or blood trait, like the byakugan. It a secret ablity only members of the Uchiha clan(sasuke and itachi's clan) has. The jutsus that can be performed using a sharingan are a kind of 'doujutsu' (eye techniques), along with byakugan and rinnegan techniques.

What does the rinnigan do in Naruto Shippuden?

it can copy the sharingan and byakugan and can cantrol dead bodies or living people

How can you see a chakra?

It might have been possible if sharingan or byakugan are real.But it's the same as impossible

Can you have a sharingan eye?

In real life? Very unlikely. However, there are some custom contacts that makes your eyes look like the sharingan, byakugan, and other colors. I'm sure they even have the Mangekyo Sharingan contact lense as well.

Which is better sharingan or rinnegan?


Is rinnegan stronger than sharingan or byakugan?

Rinnegan is the strongest than the sharingan rather than byakugan is the last but the rinnegan can revive, special summoning, and powerful jutsu ( i think they can dodge just like the sharingan ) even though the rinnegan can pass down information to the users. Now sharingan can dodge most of the jutsu it depends, can do genjutsu ( powerful genjutsu ), susanoo, izanagi ( really bad for sharingan once it use u go blind forever that is why danzo gots a lot sharingan in his arm ), and amaterasu ( btw only mangekyo and internal sharingan can use susanoo, amaterasu, powerful genjutsu, izanagi and i forgot to put copy poeples jutsu. ) a regular sharigan can do is genjutsu copy people jutsu ( a certain one ) and dodge. now the byakugan kinda the same as sharingan instead no genjutsu byakugan can see peoples movement and do their jutsu. So lets say that i go for sharingan because their susanoo and izanagi and if ask any question like if you have eternal sharigan and use izanagi will you be blind, of course you be blind forever even if u have the strongest sharingan u will still be blind. Rinnegan is beter but i pick sharingan the susanoo is strong and lets say that its a great defense and offense and this is my answer.

What is the best eye sharinganbyakugan or rinnegan?

This is entirely opinion. But by general census, most people would say Rinnegan is the best, then Sharingan, and Byakugan.

What are narutos bloodline limits?

The justu only available to the people of a clan. Such as Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan, 8 Trigrams techniques, Fire Style techniques, etc.

What are the three eye techniques in Naruto?

Rinnegan, Sharingan, and the Byakugan are diffrent techniques in the show naruto. Pain (Akatsuki leader) has Rinnegan, and sasuke has sharningan,mongekeo sharringan .naruto has sage mode.Neji and Henata have Byakugan no, the leader is not pain he is just one of the puppets the leader of the Akatsuki is nagato.No pain is 7diffrent puppets even the real one is a puppet now. Pain is not the leader of the Akatsuke, Madara Uchiha is. the one with the mask and the one eye. Who is really the original Uchia. the first person that had all the eyes is the rikudo sage bow to my aswsome might weapeons? Its Madara Uchiha. There are not just 3 there are 6 Rinnegan, Sharingan, Byakugan, sharingan ancestor, infinity tsukuyomi and ranmarus eyes

Do you know anymore special anime eyes?

Sharingan (Naruto)Mangekyo Sharingan (Naruto)Byakugan (Naruto)Rinnegan (Naruto)Six Paths of Reincarnation eye (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)Geass (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion)Wind's stigma eye ( Kaze no Stigma)

Why does Orochimaru want a Uchiha body rather than Hyuga body?

Even though the Byakugan is a powerful doujutsu, the Sharingan is superior to it. In addition to giving enhanced sight, you gain the ability to copy any jutsu just by seeing it. Plus, you can use genjutsu with it, not to mention the powerful Mangekyou Sharingan.

Which is more powerful Sharingan or Biyakugan? is a tough question. lets compare both of their powers. SHARINGAN BYAKUGAN 1. it can copy movements. 1. it cannot. 2. it can see movements in slow 2. it also able to see movements in motion motion. motions. 3. it can see illusions. can also see illusions. 4. it cannot see through objects. 4. it can see through objects. 5. it cannot see 360 degree. 5. it can see 360 degree. 6. it is capable of casting genjutsu. 6. it cannot 7. it can advance to extremely powerful 7. it cannot mangekyou sharingan and eternal mangekyou sharingan. 8. it is awakened in a life threatening 8. it is awakened from birth. situation. after seeing the above results, one can clearly conclude that it is a draw, but if you analyse this, sharingan is more powerful. as i will say that mangekyou sharingan will be on one side and other advantages of byakugan on other side. so, sharingan rules.

What are the sharingan names?

Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Does Neji achive the perfect byakugan?

As far as we have been told, there are no such thing as a perfect byakugan

What are the states of sharingan?

Normal Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

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