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APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it is faster and doesn't get frozen like the HPs, Dells, Acer etc. but i have to admit they are pretty expensive but all the money is worth it... Ur welcome

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Which laptop is better in quality Dell or Apple?

With the secondhand price of an Apple will be at least twice that of an equivalent Dell. The reason for that is the quality of the Apple computers.

Which computer company is better Apple or Dell?

i think dell is better because it loads pretty fast doesn't get many viruses. i think apple and dell are the same because apple can get viruses and as they get more popular they will get more and more.

Are Dell laptops better and have better quality then a mac laptop?

Dell and Mac laptops are very similar in the speeds they can achieve. However, while Dell is cheaper compared to Apple, Apple computers have the best customer service.

Which computer is best Apple or dell?

Apples are better than Dell in quality & ease of use.

Which is a better laptop apple or Dell?

Definitely not Apple. Dell is better, but Toshiba and Sony are better than both. You should go to your local BestBuy or computer store so you can see for yourself. It is all a matter of opinion.

Is an apple computer better than a dell computer?

I like apple computers better but it all depends on the type of computer you like.

What is rated better dell or hp laptops?

Well both are not good But Apple Mac is better

What is better apple or dell?

However, A PC of any kind is more compatible with software of any kind. There are better PC manufacturers than Dell however.

Are apple latops are better than dell laptops?

It is all a matter of opinion.

MacBookPro or Dell XPS 1530?

i say the dell because macs have such a low storage is way better but i think you should stick with the dell bro....

How big is Dell in relation to Apple?

Let's say apple is like an apple and dell is a seed of the apple, that's how big

What computer is newer dell or the apple computers?

Apple was around way before dell.

Can you use the apple keyboard on your dell?

depends on what kind or dell it is

What type of company is dell computers?

Dell is a multinational technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports personal computers and other computer-related products. Source: dell still sucks apple is better protects viruses with a higher chance than dell and higher technology than dell i have a dell computer and it sucks the reason i got a dell computer is because we couldn't afford a apple mac computer

What is better an Apple you-MAC laptop or Dell laptop?

well it all depends on what you need it for. but they are all good

Is dell or apple the best laptop?

APPLE Without a doubt!!

What is a dapple person?

A dapple person is someone who likes apple and dell. But would rather choose dell over apple.

Can you have Apple widgets on your Dell computer?


Is hp or dell better?


Is there a dell iPad?

iPad is a product of the APPLE company, so there are no dell iPads

Which company makes the new iPhone 4s dell or apple?


Is a Dell a Mac?

No, of course. They're completely different brands. A Mac is made by Apple, and a Dell is made by Dell.

Why dell laptop is the best?

Dell could or could not be the best. This is an opinion question (whoever asked this). There could be ways that Dell could be better and ways that make it not the best. Some people may think Mac or Apple are the best who knows.

Which one is better out of Dell or Acer?


Where you can get laptops?

At Dell, Apple, Sony, or

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