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SmackDown vs Raw 2009 is better. All the SmackDown vs Raw games have improved themselves from game to game, and the latest game (SmackDown vs Raw 2011) is a great one.


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No. I believe Sabu was on Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008. Not 2009

i think smackdown vs raw 2008 is the best one

No, but you can in smackdown vs. raw 2009.

No, The Miz cannot be unlocked in Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. However, he is avalible in the sequel, Smackdown vs. Raw 2009.

Yes, Personally I think the games have been improved a bit from each game :)

IN gamestop smackdown vs raw 2009 is coming out in November 9,2008 and you better reserve it. IN gamestop smackdown vs raw 2009 is coming out in November 9,2008 and you better reserve it.

Batista is on Smackdown VS Raw, Smackdown VS Raw 2008, Smackdown VS Raw 2007 Smackdown VS Raw 2009, Smackdown VS Raw 2010 and will be in Smackdown VS RAW 2011 and so on...

when does smackdown vs. raw 2009 come out November 09, 2008 Not November 14, 2008

The game Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009 will be on store shelves on Tuesday November 11th of 2008!!!

No, but he is an unlockable in Smackdown! v.s. RAW 2009 as an unplayable manager. no, I think he's in smackdown vs raw 2009

Smackdown vs raw 2008,Smackdown vs raw 2009 are both for the ds

No, but it'll probably be in Raw vs Smackdown 2009.

no on smackdown vs raw 2009 they have it

No, but mr. McMahon IS in smackdown vs. raw 2008 and 2009.

On Smackdown vs Raw 2009 if you make a caw you use him in career mode and he can get abilities and better overall.

Nohe is not on smackdown vs raw 2008.

Answerbecause she is a very old diva and they put her on other trailers. but she is on Smackdown Vs raw 2009. she is there.

Will goldberg be in smackdown vs raw 2009

Yes, The Rock is in SmackDown vs Raw 2008.

WWE SmackDown vs- RAW 2009 - 2008 VG was released on: Australia: 6 November 2008 UK: 7 November 2008 USA: 9 November 2008 Japan: 22 January 2009

Creating 'WWE SmackDown vs- RAW 2009' - 2008 V is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Layla is on SmackDown vs Raw 2009, and is downloadable on SmackDown vs Raw 2011.

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