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They should all be recycled, as they can all be remade into the original items.

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Q: What is better to recycle plastic milk jugs or paper and plastic milk cartons?
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Are milk cartons to be put in paper or plastic?

milk cartons can be put into paper or plastic. Either one is fine.

Are paper bags healthy to the environment?

Yes and no, but plastic is better because you can recycle and reuse them.

What things can't you recycle?

you can recycle plastic metal and paper

Can you recycle shoes?

no. you can only recycle paper, plastic, and aluminum.

What does McDonald's recycle?

Paper, plastic, and metal cans.

What can be used to day to day life for recycle paper?

Recycled paper can be used for various day-to-day activities such as making shopping lists, taking notes, printing documents, or creating crafts. It can also be used for wrapping gifts, making decorations, or even creating unique greeting cards. By finding creative ways to reuse recycled paper, you can help minimize waste and support sustainability efforts.

Can you recycle plastic bag?

Yes you can. Paper, Plastic, Metal, (such as aluminum, or tin cans.) You can also recycle cardboard boxes.

What are three materials that you can recycle?

paper, metal, and plastic

What things you can recycle?

Paper, plastic, cans, and batteries.

How do you say recycle in German?

Depending on context, recycle can be translated aswiederverwertenrecyclenrückführenPapierkorb (computer, recycle bin)

How can you Recycle Cans?

You can find a recycling bin in your area and put plastic , and paper to recycle cans.

Do milk cartons belong to the plastic glass category when recycled?

Because the paper is impregnated with plastic (to make it waterproof) and cannot be recycled with 100% waste paper