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Tennis shoes is a whole lot better.

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Q: What is better to where in the laboratory tennis shoes or leather shoes?
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What do you wear in a science laboratory?

leather shoes

How do you get motor oil off of leather tennis shoes?

Try using spirit but only use it if your tennis shoe has white leather ,the spirit may change the color of colored leather shoes

Which shoe results in a better performance tennis shoes or spike shoes?

tennis shoes

Can you wash leather tennis shoes?

You can throw them in the washing machine (or even the dishwasher - it's more gentle), but the leather may crack. You're better off scrubbing them patiently with a toothbrush.

Can you or should you machine wash shoes?

tennis shoe yes. I even use some bleach some times. But leather shoes no

Leather shoes are worn in bowling and rubber-soled sneakers in tennis In what sport are all-metal shoes worn?


Why do you wear tennis shoes when playing tennis?

because the tennis shoes are dedicated to play tennis and has grips at the bottom so that it helps. It is much better than wearing normal runners

Does flats or tennis shoes go better with pants?


Can you run faster with tennis shoes or cleats?

It depends on the surface. If it is grass you are better off wearing cleats. If you are on pavement like a cross country runner tennis shoes are better.

Whats Kevin Jonas's favorite pair of shoes?

Kevin likes leather dressy shoes, but he really likes boots or really nice, and leathery tennis shoes. mostly

How do cleats give more traction then tennis shoes?

most tennis shoes are smooth on the bottom and cleats have things on the bottom of them that can stop you when you are moving better

How do you spell tennis shoes?

Tennis Shoes

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