What is bid fun?

a rip off don't buy the credits you will just lose your money and get nothing your better off with ebay.

To further explain this, please be careful if you plan on using the bid fun sites. Here is a quick example:

You buy bids before you even start, so for example you buy 20 bids for $20.00. So you have already spent real money to bid.

You use your bids to bid on the items they have up for bid, in this example it will be a digital camera.

You will notice your bid points will get used up fast as you are bidding against other people and I can not prove my idea's on this further so I will not say what else I think happens here.

Then most likely you will find you used your bids in less than a minute and won nothing, now take note of the math here:

On the camera it states that every bid will increase the price by 0.02$ and it started at 0, the current moment in time price is $115.50 so you know with simple math (115.50/0.02$= 5770) which means 5770.00 bids were placed at a purchase price of $1.00 so in turn the people who created this website made $5770.00 on a $750.00 camera and the auction is not nearly close to done yet. Then think at the end they get the winning bid amount added to this as well.

Mabye someone really wins who is indeed a customer, but how many bids did they pay and then add the purchase price to the cost, how much did they save?

I personally say stay away....

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