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What is bigger Saturn or the moon?

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Saturn - It is larger than both the earth and the moon

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Is Saturn bigger than the Earth's moon?

Yes, Saturn is much bigger than the moon of Earth.

Is Saturn bigger than earths moon?


What is largest moon of Saturn?

The largest moon of Saturn would be Titan. On a website it said its even bigger than Mercury and Pluto.

Is Saturn's moon Titan bigger than Saturn?

No. After the Sun and Jupiter, Saturn is the next largest object in the Solar System. Yes Saturn is bigger than Titan. this first answer is stupid because nobody asked about the planets. they asked about the moon titan and Saturn

What is important about Saturn?

Saturn has an extensive ring and 33 moons and Titan is one of its moon which is bigger than Mercury.This is important about Saturn.

What planet has a moon called titan and is bigger than Mercury?


Where is a moon bigger than Mercury?

titan (saturn), Ganymede, (jupiter)

Which is bigger Saturn or Neptune?

Saturn is bigger

Is Saturn bigger than Saturn?

OF COURSE!!!! The planet Saturn is bigger than the god Saturn.

Which is bigger Saturn or Uranus?

Saturn is bigger, of course!

How is jupitermoon ganymede bigger than Saturn moon titan?

Why scientists believe a liquid water ocean might exist on the moon

What is the moon of Saturn?

Titan is the moon of Saturn .

What bigger Jupiter or Saturn?

Jupiter is bigger than Saturn

Is Mercury bigger than Earth's moon?

Yes, Mercury is bigger than Earth's Moon (about 2.8 times in volume). Mercury is smaller than Ganymede (moon of Jupiter) or Titan (moon of Saturn) but it is considerably more massive than either of them.

Is there moon on Saturn?

there is no moon on saturn(61+ moons)

Is Uranus bigger than Saturn?

No, Saturn is bigger than Uranus.

Is Saturn bigger than Neptune?

Saturn is bigger than Neptune.

Saturn compared to earth?

Earth and Saturn are two very different planets. Saturn has many moons while Earth only has 1 moon. Saturn also has a diameter that is 9 times bigger than Earth.

Does Saturn have a ring or moon?

both it has 7 major rings and over 33 moons. it's largest moon titan is bigger than mercury

Who discovered Titan the Saturn moon?

Titan is Saturn's larget moon, and is actually bigger than the planet Mercury. It was discovered in 1655 by Christiaan Huygens.

Which is bigger mars or Saturn?


Which is bigger Saturn or mercury?


Which planet is bigger Saturn or Jupiter?

Jupiter's bigger Saturn just looks bigger because of its rings

Is Saturn bigger than Uranus?

Yes, Saturn is bigger than Uranus.

When did Saturn V rocket land on the moon?

saturn v did not land the moon but was the luna module

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