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Bill Gates attended the Lakeside Private School in Seattle, Washington.

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Q: What is bill gates middle school?
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William Henry Bill Gates III what middle school did he go to?

Bill Gates went to Lakeside School in Seattle Washington.

What is Bill Gates middle initial?

"H" is Bill Gates' middle initial. His full name is William Henry Gates III.

Was bill gates popular in high school?

Bill Gates Was a Nerd

Do Bill Gates have a school?

No, Bill Gates does not have a school. There is currently a school named after Chuck Norris in South Africa though.

What school bill gates was?

Bill Gates went to an elemantry school and then was transferred to the private school, Lakeside, in North Seattle

Did Bill Gates attend high school?

Where did Bill Gates go to High School?? mr.moseby and madam fox secondary school.

What is Bill Gates' middle name?

His middle name is Henry.

Where Did Bill Gates go to highschool?

Bill Gates went to Edmond High School.

Bill gates high school?

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, attended the Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington.

What was the first thing Bill Gates invented?

Bill Gates was hired to virtualy make a coumputerized schulde of classes for his school

Where did Bill Gates meet Paul Allen?

Bill Gates met Paul Allen at a private school called "Lakeside School". Bill was 12 and Paul was 14.

Was bill gates good in school?

Bill Gates was a good student in school. He excelled academically and scored very high on college entrance exams. He eventually dropped out of Harvard to co-found Microsoft.