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Q: What is billy Coleman favorite saying in where the red ferns grow?
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Billy's character in Where the Red Fern Grows?

he becomes more wise and respectful for animals

Why did billy from where the red ferns grow name his dogs that?

The names Dan and Ann were carved an a tree

What is billy details about him from where the red frens grow?

The title is where the red fern grows. not where the red ferns grow. and when you say billy's details, do you mean his personality or what he looks like?

What did you wish that happened in where the red ferns grow?

I wished that Billy died in the mountain lion fight, but the dogs survive.

What is a fact about ferns?

There are 20,000 species of ferns. Ferns are vascular.

Are members of division pterophyta?


What are fork ferns called?

Whisk Ferns///!! BY:MR.D

Does ferns have chloroplast?

Ferns are green plants.So they do have chloroplasts.

What are ferns?

Ferns are seedless vascular plants.

What gruops are ferns in?

Ferns belong to pteridophytes

Do ferns reproduce bulbs?

no, ferns have rhizomes