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What is bimetallism?

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Bimetallism is an Economics term. It refers to a basis for currency valuation that centers on the two metals, silver and gold. In bimetallism, a given weight ("x" ounces) of one metal is equal in value to a given weight ("y" ounces) of the other metal. As an example, in the 19th century, the Populist party supported a policy of bimetallism in which 16 oz. of silver had the equivalent worth of 1 oz. of gold. A link can be found below.

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What was political goal for farmers?

Lower prices for grain storageFair prices for shippingBimetallism

Who wanted bimetallism?

he was a punk

Why which of these was a political goal for farmers?


Who supported bimetallism?

The Farmers Supported Bietallism

What monetary policy did the populists support?


What were some of the political goals for farmers?


What did Williams jennings Bryan fought for?

he fought for bimetallism

What was the main political goal for farmers?

Bimetallism - apex

Use of both gold and silver as monetary units?


What is the use of both gold and silver as monetary units?


What did William Jennings Bryan support?

laizze fair

How would bimetallism benefit farmers?

It would increse the money supply.

What party supported bimetallism?

The Democrats and the Populist party. Also know as the "silverities"

What cause did William jennings Bryan support in the 1896 presidential election?


Bimetallism would allow for the exchange of paper currency for?

either gold or silver

What has the author William Joseph Walsh written?

William Joseph Walsh has written: 'Bimetallism and monometallism: what they are, and how they bear upon the Irish land question' -- subject- s -: Accessible book, Currency question, Economic conditions, Bimetallism

What has the author James Baker written?

James Baker has written: 'Evolution of mind' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Evolution, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Evolution 'International bimetallism' -- subject(s): Currency question, Bimetallism

William Jennings Bryan supported the cause of in the 1896 presidential election?

bimetallism (apex)

According to farmers and other supporters of free silver how would bimetallism help the economy?

Supporters of bimetallism hoped that this measure would stimulate the stagnant economy. Retaining the gold standard would provide a more stable, but expensive, currency.

Why did farmers support bimetallism or free silver in the late 1800?

The farmers supported bimetallism or free silver in the late 1800s because many of them were struggling to make ends meet, and the inflation of silver would add much needed financial respite.

What is synonym for sectionalism?

autarky, bimetallism, clannishness, clanship, cliqueyness, cliquishness, cliquism, denominationalism, economic

Political goal for farmers?

The political goal of farmers was lower prices for grain storage.

How would you use bimeattlism in a sentence?

Bimetallism was a monetary system that died in the late 19th century in the US.

What was a monetary system in which the government would give people silver and gold in exchange for paper currency?


Which is true the policy of bimetallism?

Farmers wanted it , because it would make money more available. AP3X