What is bio fertilizer?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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Biofertilizer is still an unclear term. It can be easily found that biofertilizers are identified as plant extract, composted urban wastes, and various microbial mixtures with unidentified constituents, and chemical fertilizer formulations supplemented with organic compounds. Likewise, the scientific literature has a very open interpretation of the term biofertilizer, representing everything from manures to plant extracts.
However biofertilizer is most commonly referred to the use of soil microorganisms to increase the availability and uptake of mineral nutrients for plants.

They are available in the nature in natural form.

for example; certain sedophores which are the group of iron producing bacterias, they provide iron to the plants for their nourishment.

similarly, Baccilis subtilis realeses phosphorus and pseudomonas floresence produces sulphur.

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Q: What is bio fertilizer?
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National agriculture and bio fertilizer reserch center?

There is no A national agriculture and bio fertilizer research center in India so please beware.

Is Azolla is used as a bio-fertilizer?


Where the national agricultural and bio fertilizer research center is located?

it is in ghaziabad

One example is an biofertilzer?

Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, is one example of a bio-fertilizer.

What is bio-recycling?

Bio-recycling is recycling waste such as septic tank waste and other similar organic based waste. It is then returned safely to the land as fertilizer.

What would be the probable reasons for not getting response from the application of bio fertilizer?

There are two primary reasons:The bio fertilizer does not have enough nutrients in it to get a good response from the crop. Have the material tested by an independent lab. to find out its true nutrient content.The bio fertilizer was spread too thinly for the nutrient level demanded by the crop. Ensure that the material is spread to the level needed by the crop according to the soil test. Many bio fertilizers, such as as compost, need to be spread as much as six inches thick on the soil surface, then worked into the soil.

Can you tell Project topics in related to bio fertilizer?

1. Growth of microflora regarding the use of carrier material 2. Structure of the soil before and after the application of bio fertilizers.

What is the Difference Between BIO Fertilizer and Organic Fertilizer?

bio-fertilizer it self explains, fertilizer that contains biologicalmeans, living organisms that synthesis the atmospheric plant nutrient in the soil or in the plant body, or create such an atmosphere in the soil or in the medium (in which the organisms are kept) which are helpful for the plants, the bio' fertilizers may be in solid or liquid medium and micro organisms are in huge numbers i.e. 10000000 \gmall above means the nutrients made available to the plants by the help of micro organisms are bio-fertilizers. bio-fertilizers are element specificorganic manure is the manure prepared from the animal\plant wastes after properly decomposing the raw material it may contain all necessary plant nutrients in small quantities. these are required in large quantities. these may the medium for bio-fertilizersThe difference between the two:First, the presence or absence of microorganisms. Bio-organic fertilizer contains a variety of beneficial microorganisms inside, but all microorganisms in organic fertilizer after high temperature treatment substantially are killed, which is difficult to provide beneficial soil microbes.Second, different nutrients. Organic fertilizer through high-temperature treatment, nutrient losses during treatment of high temperature.Third, different odors. Organic fertilizer by drying, deodorizing effect of organic fertilizer is not ideal because of drying treatment. once organic fertilizer is damp, stench is issued. Bio-organic fertilizer fundamentally eliminate the odor, because it can turn uric acid into the urine bacterial protein.Item Index of organic fertilizer technical indicatorsOrganic matter content (dry basis), ≥45%Total nutrient (N + P2O5 + K2O) content (dry basis), ≥5.0%Moisture (free water) content, ≤30%PH value of 5.5-8.0Heavy metal content, Ascaris eggs and E. coli mortality value indicators in organic fertilizer should be normal by governmental requirements.Technical requirements for bio-organic fertilizerItem IndexThe effective number of viable cells (cfu), ≥ 0.20 g/ one hundred millionOrganic matter (dry basis), ≥ 40.0%Moisture, ≤ 30.0%pH value of 5.5 to 8.5Fecal coliform, ≤ 100 a / g (mL)Ascaris eggs mortality rate, ≥95%More details, you can search Azeus fertilizer machinery to find suitable fertilizer machines to produce the best fertilizer.

What are the uses of bio fertilizer?

Enrich the soil and support the soil food web are uses of bio fertilizers.Specifically, bio fertilizers are made up of nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizing bacteria and fungi. They enrich the soil with nitrogen and phosphorus that are in forms that can be taken in by plant roots. They release their nutrients slowly so plant roots never are overwhelmed by too much fertilizer.

Is vermi-compost bio-fertilizer?

Yes, vermi-compost is bio-fertilizer. Specifically, a bio-fertilizer adds or augments nutrients in soil through the input of organic materials. Compost exists through the breakdown of compostable materials -- which are carbon- and nitrogen-rich -- into dark, fresh, nutrient-rich organic matter. Vermi-compost represents the breakdown which happens through the use of special worms.

How to promote the sustainable development of organic fertilizer production line?

How to improve the sustainable development of organic fertilizer production line? Fertilizer is an important guarantee for high yield and stable production of various crops. The long-term use of chemical fertilizers has guaranteed the stable production and income of crops in our country to a certain extent, but it will also cause a series of ecological and environmental problems and affect human health. Bio-organic fertilizers can deal with the above problems, which can ensure the stable production and income of crops without damaging the ecological environment. The following introduces how to improve the sustainable development of organic fertilizer production lines: One is to improve product quality. There are many types of bio-organic fertilizers on the market, with rich packaging, uneven quality, and unstable use effects, which brings great difficulties to purchase. When they buy, they cannot easily distinguish the quality. The second is to standardize product management. At present, the product management of bio-organic fertilizers is very non-compliant, and product standards need to be strengthened. There are also many distributors and manufacturers exaggerating the role of bio-organic fertilizers in the promotion process, causing farmers to be deceived, and there is an urgent need to strengthen commodity supervision. Zhengzhou Huazhiqiang organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer is based on the principle of honest management, aggressive and pioneering, including organic fertilizer production line, npk production line, etc. It is a main organic fertilizer granulator machine (npk fertilizer granulator, disc granulator machine, drum granulator, tooth granulator, etc), organic fertilizer turning machine, organic fertilizer pulverizer, organic fertilizer fermentation machine and other organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers for a complete set of organic fertilizer production lines. The technology development system has won the majority of users unanimous praise. Third, strong research and development. In recent years, some achievements have been made in the basic research and application research of microbial fertilizers, but there is still a long way to go before the actual production, and there is still a breakthrough in the factors that hinder the improvement of the application effect. It is necessary to continue to strengthen research and development to improve the use effect of bio-organic fertilizers.

What are the two kinds of fertilizers?

The 2 fertilisation's are external fertilisation which the frog does, or internal fertilisation.