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A balanced organic or specialty fertilizer are what is best for Japanese maple trees (Acer palmatum).

Specifically, Japanese maple trees benefit from either a balanced, slow-release organic fertilizer or from a fertilizer that is designed especially for their leaf color and shape needs. Either one can work. Otherwise, Japanese maple trees may not need fertilizer applications if they are growing in grass, ground cover, lawn or turf that benefits from regular fertilizer treatments.

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Q: What is the best fertilizer for Japanese maples?
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In Japanese symbolism what do Japanese maples represent?

Akito is the name for maples in japanese. This means the god or master, calm, and at peace or rest. It represents the calmness and peace of the elements and world.

Are Japanese maples and red maples the same?

They are two separate subspecies of the maple tree. Red Maple (Acer Rubrum) Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

Do Japanese maples lose their leaves in the fall?

Yes. All maples are deciduous and lose all their leaves in the autumn.

How tall can Japanese maples grow?

4-6 feet tall

Can you leave a butterfly Japanese maple tree potted out in the cold during winter?

Japanese maples are not cold hardy. If Japanese maples survive the winter in the ground in your area, they still might not survive in a pot because the cold air is so close to the roots.

Are you able to plant a Crimson Queen Japanese Maple in the full sun?

Most Japanese maples prefer some shade.

Why are my Japanese maple leaves shrivelling?

Its either dry at the roots or suffering from wind burn. Japanese maples require a bit of shelter.

What country imports the most maple syrup?

They are native Canada and America.There is also Japanese maples.

Does a Japanese maple bloom?

Japanese maples flower in Spring but the flowers are insignificant. They are grown for their shape and foliage colour.

What is the best fertilizer of mongo plant?

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Do Japanese maples lose their leaves in winter?

They are deciduous so they lose their leaves in autumn.

What is the best fertilizer for pecan trees?

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