What is biogradable definition?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.

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Q: What is biogradable definition?
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What are produce that are non biogradable?


What is biogradable give example?

Paper. Wood.

Why is biogradable material important to environment?

Because it can be recycled.

What are the other ways of showing your love and concern for the environment?

recycle plastics,cans, bottles, paper, throw my garbage in the proper places, segregate my garbages to biogradable and non-biogradable

What is biogradable substances?

Biogradable substances are substances which can be graded in to different substances.for instance water is H2o. two amounts of hydrogen and one amount of oxygen combined to make a liquid.

How can you control the use of non biogradable substances?

what does the term non-biodegradeable mean iam stuck on this for my homework

What does biogradable mean put in a little sentence?

Do you mean biodegradable, if so biodegradable products are those that can be decomposed be microbes and other biological processes

Is lead biogradable?

lead is an element. it cant be biodegraded if its not biological. however it can be physically or chemically changed such as grinding, melting or giving it an acid bath

What is meant by biogradable?

biodegradable means that in passing of time, a thing ( or what ever is labeled biodegradeable) is capable of decomposing through the action of its living organisms.

What is meaning of biogradable?

Something that is biodegradable is a material that can rot or break down with time through natural processes. Some biodegradable materials include food peels, leaves and dead animals.

Is a crisp wrapper biogradable?

It depends on what kind of plastic it is,some yes some no

What was definition's definition?

Definition is the same as meaning.