What is biological causes?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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past tense for eat

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Q: What is biological causes?
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What causes biological dead end for an organism?

all biological enities are evolutionary experiments and will necessarily mutate but biological individuals are dead ends in the process.

What type of weathering does plant cause?

Biological. General rule, anything alive which causes weathering is biological weathering.

What causes the degradation of biodegradable materials?

Biological action of microorganisms causes degradation of biodegradable materials.

What are the three main causes of weathering?

Physical, chemical and biological change are the three main causes of weathering.

Shortening of sarcomeres causes?

In biological theory, some biologists suspect the shortening of sacromeres causes aging.

What type of weathering causes root wedging?

Biological hydraulic weathering.

Biological approach to health psychology?

The biological approach to psychology looks at the person's genes and heritage for the causes of the people acting the way they do.

What causes protein to lose biological function?

if i knew, i wouldn't be googling the answer myself : )

How does chloroform effect the biological function of the body?

It causes unconsciousness and even death.

What are biological disasters?

biological disasters: biological weapons are of several types release of germs or other biological substances which when inhaled or may enter through a cut in the skin, causes contagious diseases and kills people in large number over a period of time.

What are 3 causes of biological weathering?

One cause of biological weathering is through the organism lichens. Other types are caused by plants, animals, and exposure to acids.

What are pathrogens?

A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host.