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The scientific method in which biological problems are solved is termed as biological method.It comprises the steps a biologist adopt in order to solve a biological problem,In solving a biological problem a biologist adopt the following steps

1) Recognition of biological problem.

2) Observation.

3) Hypothesis formulation.

4) Deduction.

5) Experimentation.

6) Summarization of result.

7) Reporting of result.

8) Formation of theory.

9) Biological Law

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what is taxo hinachci

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Q: What is biological methods?
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Genetic engineering.

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False. Organic farmers and gardeners have been doing just that for years.

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motives means transport nd biogenic motives transport involves in biological methods.

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A biofertilizer is a biological fertilizer. Meaning, it is not composed of chemicals. Some biofertilizers include horse and chicken manure.

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Xenobiology is the study of synthesizing and manipulating biological devices and systems. It can reveal knowledge about biology and the origin of life.

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I think it's called recombinant technology

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sending the sewage to a biological water treatment plant

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There are basically three types of biological pest control i.e. Importation, Augmentation, and Conservation. All these home pest control methods are pretty useful in various pest control activities like rat extermination, cockroach pest control, mice control, fleas control etc. You can easily implement these methods one by one.