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Since silicon is a metalloid and oxygen is a non-metal, the bond is considered to be an ionic bond.

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Q: What is bond form between a silcon atom and oygen atom?
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What is the bond between an oxygen atom and a hydrogen atom in a water molecule?

The bond between oxygen and hydrogen in the same molecule is a covalent bond. The bond between a hydrogen atom and oxygen atom in different molecules is a hydrogen bond.

What kind of bond is made between a carbon atom and a hydrogen atom?

The kind of bond made between a carbon and hydrogen atom is a covalent bond.

What kind of bond exists between carbon atom and chlorine atom?

Covalent bond exists between a carbon atom and a chlorine atom.

What type of bond will form between a calcium atom and a neon atom?

They will not bond

What type of bond is formed between a carbon atom and an sulfur atom?

It is a covalent bond

What type of bonding will occur between magnesium atom and a oxygen atom?

The bond that occurs between magnesium (Mg) atom and oxygen atom (O) is ionic bond

What type of bond is most likely to between an atom of calcium and an atom of fluorine?

an ionic bond

What type of a chemical bond would expect between a sodium atom and a sodium atom?

A metallic bond.

What type of bond will form between a sodium Na atom and a bromine Br atom?

ionic bond

What type of bond will form between a gold Au atom and a lithium Li atom?

a metallic bond

How is a chemical bond formed between a metal atom and a nonmetal atom?

by an ionic bond, which is the electrostatic attraction between positively charged ions

What kind of chemical bond will be formed between atom a and atom b if atom a loses electrons and atom b gains these electrons?

An ionic bond will form. Covalent bond, however, is when the two atoms share electrons when they bond.

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