What is boron used for?

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The most common form of boron is the compound borax, used for a variety of purposes ranging from cleaning and antiseptics to making glass and enamel. There is a new procedure called boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) to target cancer cells. Boron is attracted to cancer cells. It is also used in glass and ceramics and is a essential plant nutrient. In the nuclear power industry, boron is useful to absorb thermal neutrons very strongly, so it is used in control rods and sometimes as a soluble insect poison.

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Q: What is boron used for?
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Is boron used commercially?

YES, it is used to make Boron Glass

How is boron used?

boron is attracted to cancer cells

How was boron used in ancient history?

i discovered the boron

What can be made from boron?

Boron is used to make alloy as Boron steel which is used to protect radiation from nuclear reactor in Nuclear plants.

How boron is used in society?

Boron is being used for cancer treatments right this second.

What is the use of boron?

Boron is used to make control rods.

Is boron used in cleaning supplies?

Yes. Boron is a component of bleach.

What is an example of a control rod in a nuclear reactor?

Carbon rods are used. Boron-10 is particularly good, so sometimes boron carbide made from boron-10 is used. Hafnium is used where it can be afforded.

What is boron used for today?


How do you make boron fertilizer?

Boric acid commonly used for pest control can be used in small amounts to add boron to soil.

Why is boron nitride a conductor?

No, boron nitride is often used as an insulator in the semi-conductor industry.

What are boron minerals used for?

Boron is asemiconductor Its properties have enabled us to use it in manufacturing of solar cells. Boron with ultra high purity of silicon are used in computer's Also boron is now widely used in microprocessors thus increasing the capacity of memory storage of the computer chips. In future boron will also be used in field like telecommunication and defense because it has some unique structural characteristic.

How does nasa space program use Boron Nitride?

NASA used Boron Nitride in many different ways. It was used as a catalyst when starting Saturn rocket engines. Boron Nitride is also used in one form to protect the outside of the spacecraft. Boron Nitride is one of the hardest chemicals known to man.

What was boron used for in the past?

Boron has been, and still is, used in bleaches, fiberglass, structural and refractory materials, glass and ceramics, and organic reagents.

What happens when you mix hydrogen and boron?

The boron hydride (also called diborane, B2H6) is not obtained by the direct reaction of hydrogen and boron; other methods are used.

What state of matter is Boron at room temperature?

Boron is in a solid state at room temperature. Boron is used as a conductor of electricity and at high temperatures is a good conductor.

What is one use for boron?

Boron can be used to make a reducing agent called Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4)

Is boron in golf clubs?

Boron fibers can be used to make extremely strong golf club shafts

How many energy levels are used in Boron?

it is in the second period. so boron has 2 energy levels

What does boron react with?

Boron does not react with water or oxygen but when Boron burns it creates boron trioxide and when Boron burns in air when heated it creates a mixture of Boron trioxide and Boron Nitrate. Boron does not react with Acids or Alkalis and will only react if it is in a highly divided state. Also Boron is oxidised by Nitric Acid to produce Boric Acid and finally Boron reacts with fused Sodium Hydroxide to form Sodium, Borate and Hydrogen. Boron is also used in the bearings of wind turbines and in the nuclear industry for a moderator for neutrons.

How is boron important?

It is used in neon signs

What name is used for the letter B?


What is boron trioxide used for?

Making Glasses

How is boron used in sports equipment?


What is a catchy slogan for the element boron?

boron ba ba boron be the boron ba ba boron!