What is boulder opal?

Updated: 5/27/2024
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Boulder opal is distinct from black opal in the following ways: * Boulder opal is usually mined in open-cut operations while black opal is mined in shafts. * Boulder opal is found in ironstone boulders, while black opal is found in seams.

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Boulder opal is a type of opal that forms within ironstone boulders. The opal forms in thin layers within the crevices or cavities of the boulder, creating unique patterns and colors. Boulder opal is known for its play of color and is mined primarily in Australia.

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Q: What is boulder opal?
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What is a Yowah nut?

A Yowah nut is a boulder opal, a precious stone, originating in Yowah, Australia.

Are there different kinds of opal?

Yes, there are different types of opal, including precious opal which displays flashes of iridescent color, common opal which lacks play-of-color, fire opal which displays vibrant orange, red, or yellow hues, and black opal which has a dark body tone with bright play-of-color. Each type has unique characteristics and qualities.

Where are opals made?

Australian Opal are dug and cut both on the opal fields and in the city's. they are found in New South Wales (NSW) - The Home of Black Opal New South Wales produces most of the Opal of Australia. Lightning Ridge opal is the darkest and most valuable form of opal. White Cliffs, produces white or crystal opal in the form of 'seam White Cliffs is also noted for the production of 'opal pineapples' Queensland produces boulder opal, these occur in deposits in weathered sedimentary Cretaceous rocks in the west of the state Quilpie, Queensland the largest producer of boulder opal in the world Winton, Queensland Opalton, Queensland Yowah, Queensland home of the opal refered to as Yowah Nut, South Australia - The White Opal Fields South Australia has 4 working opal fields, Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lambina and Mintabie. South Australia produces the largest amount of opal and this is known as milky opal. Coober Pedy produces most the world's white opal. Andamooka, South Australia Mintabie, South Australia Lambina, South Australia

How many opal types are there?

There are 5 basic types of opal. These types are Peruvian Opal, Fire Opal, Girasol Opal, Common opal and Precious Opal.

Are opals worth more than an Amethyst?

The value of opals and amethysts can vary depending on factors such as quality, size, and rarity. In general, high-quality opals can be more valuable than amethysts due to their uniqueness and play-of-color. Ultimately, it's best to have both evaluated by a professional to determine their worth accurately.

How many types of opals are there?

There are 5 basic types of opal. These types are Peruvian Opal, Fire Opal, Girasol Opal, Common opal and Precious Opal.

What is the difference between an Australian opal and an Ethiopian opal?

An Ethiopian opal is an opal-CT, whereas an Australian opal is an opal-A. The Ethiopian opal is made up of leptospheres, instead of small amorphous silica spheres like the Australian opal.

What is the fracture of opal?

The fracture of an opal can be hard or smooth , An opal can have as many fractures as any other mineral can . Sometimes opal can be smooth , sometimes they can be hard . The fracture of an opal is hard and smooth .

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What are the ingredience in black opal?

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Is opal common?

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