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It is the blood generally caused when the female's vaginal membrane is broken by the penis.

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Q: What is breakthrough bleeding?
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Can stress cause breakthrough bleeding?

Yes, because it changes your hormone balance which can then create breakthrough bleeding

Can you have more than one period a month on the pill?

Not necessarily, most likely this "second period" is spotting or breakthrough bleeding. Spotting/ Breakthrough bleeding is bleeding before or in between menstrual cycles.

Can breakthough bleeding be painful?

Yes, the breakthrough bleeding, just like the other kinds of bleeding can be really painful.

What if you get breakthrough bleeding for more than a week while on the pill?

Breakthrough bleeding is not uncommon. If you are concerned that it may be something serious, contact your physician and have a pelvic exam.

Is bleeding while on the ring normal?

Breakthrough bleeding in the first weeks after starting the ring is normal.

How long does it take for breakthrough bleeding to stop on Depo-Provera?

Some women have breakthrough bleeding only for a week or two; for others it lasts months. After the first year of use, you're likely to have no bleeding at all.

Do you count spotting as the first day of the period?

No, spotting and breakthrough bleeding does not count as the first day of your period. Spotting and breakthrough bleeding is an annoyance that occurs as an unwanted side effect of birth control. However, frequent spotting or breakthrough bleeding can also be a sign that you need a higher dosage of birth control.

Should breakthrough bleeding look and feel like you're on your period?

Yes this is break-through bleeding.

Breakthrough bleeding causes?

Bleeding are cause by implantation bleeding, habitual,spontaneous, inevitable abortion,placenta previa,abruptio placenta or atony.

You skipped a pill and am bleeding?

Missing a birth control pill can result in breakthrough bleeding. As the hormone level in your body drops, bleeding can occur.

What causes breakthrough bleeding after 4 months on Yaz?

If there is breakthrough bleeding four months after taking Yaz, it could be due to a dosage issue. It could also be caused by a pregnancy or health issue.

When does breakthrough bleeding occur?

When the dose of the pill is not high enough...Yaz and Loest24 are notorious as bad bleeding bc's

What does it mean when you start the pill and it makes your period last 10 or more days?

You are most likely experiencing breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding may seem like your period, and it can last for as long as a period, however it is not.Breakthrough bleeding usually happens before you actually get your period as expected. This annoying side effect that may happen when you first begin the pill, and it can last up to 3 months. If you continue to have breakthrough bleeding after 3 months, you should visit your physician. Excessive breakthrough bleeding can be a sign that you need a higher dosage of birth control to keep you protected from pregnancy. Also, to avoid breakthrough bleeding after the 3 months of possible side effects, be sure to take your birth control everyday and at the same time everyday. If you do not properly take your birth control as directed, you may also experience breakthrough bleeding.

What is breakthrough bleeding while on birth control?

It is minor bleeding you get while on the pill. It is not a true period, but it is similar and yet lighter.

Can you take a double dose of Yasmin to stop breakthrough bleeding?

Can I take provera tablets to stop bleeding while on yasmin

When does breakthrough bleeding stop once one the pill?

Breakthrough bleeding occurs when you stop taking BC pills. If it occurs while taking BC pills you will need to see your Doctor as the doseage may not be right for you.

What birth control causes breakthrough bleeding?

All forms of birth control can cause breakthrough bleeding without proper use, or while your body is still adjusting to it. Talk to your doctor or pharmasist for more info.

Didnt miss any pill and took them on time and im still getting break through bleeding?

Breakthrough bleeding can be a side effect that can last up to 3 months or more. If you have been on birth control for at least 3 months and you still have breakthrough bleeding, you should consult your physician. Consistent breakthrough bleeding can be a sign that you may need a higher dosage of birth control pills. I have learned from physicians that increasing the dosage of the birth control helps regulate your menstrual cycle and eliminates breakthrough bleeding and therefore being more effectively protected from pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant while breakthrough bleeding?

Only if the stork doesn't mind blood.

How long does breakthrough bleeding last when you first skip a period on purpose with the Nuvaring?

Breakthrough bleeding may last for days or weeks when you skip a period with hormonal birth control. Typically, it just lasts for a few days.

Can antibiotics cause vaginal bleeding if you're on birth control?

Some antibiotics can increase the risk of breakthrough bleeding while on the birth control pill without increasing the risk of pregnancy. If you're concerned, use a backup method, but the breakthrough bleeding doesn't mean the pill's not working.

Should I be having a 2 week period while on the pill?

Usually no, sometimes you may experience a side effect from taking the pill which is called breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is a nuisance that can last up to a week, which in sense makes you think it is a regular period but actually its not. Most likely you started breakthrough bleeding during your last week of active pills and then you started your "real period" during the placebo week. If breakthrough bleeding still occurs after 3 months, it is recommended that you consult your physician, this may mean you need a higher dosage of birth control.

Can megestrol stop your cycle?

Yes it can. I was having excessive, extensive bleeding and I was prescribed Megestrol temporarily to cease the bleeding. It worked within 24 hours. However, I have breakthrough bleeding occasionally.

Can you have breakthrough bleeding after you stop taking the pill?

In terms of word choice, "breakthrough bleeding" is bleeding when you expect the hormones in birth control to stop bleeding. On the other hand, "withdrawal bleeding" is what you have when you stop taking active pills -- whether temporarily, as during the pill-free interval, or when you quit the pill altogether. It's normal to have a withdrawal bleed after stopping the pill. You can expect a normal period in four to six weeks.

Is it normal for you to have longer then usually periods the first month you start your birth control?

Not necessarily. This longer than usual period that you are experiencing could be breakthrough bleeding. Breakthrough bleeding is an unwanted side effect that sometimes occurs during the first 3 months of starting your birth control. Breakthrough bleeding also usually occurs before your period, so it seems as if your period is lasting longer than usual.